Target acheived!

I have been through so many ups and downs with this illness through the last 4 years but always tried to keep to running.  I ended up running to a standstill in 2015 with the Avonex/gabapentin combination and just seemed to be getting worse and worse.  In fact, I must confess I did give up all-be-it briefly (!) for a few months then determined being that I am wouldn’t give up and put my self employed poster in the Post Office and haven’t been out of work since.

The running took a back seat for a few months then when I started again I just could not get further than 1 mile no matter what.  However, I started on the Wahls Protocol last November and have been gradually feeling more energy coming to me and put my running shoes back on.  I am so pleased to say that I am back up to 10km distance now and planning my first 10km race in 4 years!  The drug combination I am on is tecfidera 240mg per day, duloxetine 30mgx4 per day and epilimx4 per day if I try to reduce these the pain does come back but I am remaining hopeful that with time this will change.

Other improvements include the disappearance of my vertical nystagmus in my eyes which was so irritating, increase in fitness and strength and better memory.  However as with everything with MS I cannot report a complete recovery, this week there seems to be a slight decrease in my fine motor skills in my left hand and Rob has had to help me get the pills out of the packet into the box also helping a customer fold a sheet last week was a struggle it was like I couldn;t grip it.  But we shall just focus on the positives and improvement in any area is something.

The agency is still going great guns with the onset of the holiday let season keeping us all occupied and my own personal self employment is busy as ever.

Today is Mothers Day and I have had a fantastic time just chilling with my boys and watching Marvel Films.  Making the most of every moment as time is so precious.  I have decided that I am going to hang the expense and visit my friend in Spain in April who knew my mum.  It helps me to feel close to her to talk to people who remember her well.  This has given me something to aim towards and look forward to very much along with the Vitamin D of course!!!

Anyway, bless all of you who are reading this, stay strong and positive and we can all support each other through this crappy illness.  Try this Wahls thing if you haven’t already, if it doesn’t work for you then you haven’t lost anything.  If you need any tips, message me and I will help if I can.

All the best, E x

Positive thought:  A Japenese legend tells us that the Koi carp fish swims upstream against the waterfall to get to the top and when it gets there it turns into a golden dragon all the effort worthwhile.

One thought on “Target acheived!

  1. This was a beautiful post and I want to thank you for sharing! I am glad you are on track for the 10k. It is so incredibly important to always remain as positive as you possibly can! I believe that being positive brings positive things to our lives!! Happy Mother’s Day to you and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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