A new discovery and a giant leap forward

So I have been doing fine since the weather started to cool down and having read that it is very important to keep moving as much as possible for as long as possible without overdoing it, I got my running shoes out and tried once again to take up the thing I love. I have put on weight so it is even harder. Many years ago I followed a low fat diet – under 5% fat and lost 5 stone and felt amazing then as I’ve written here started to feel very unwell and the rest is contained within these pages.

I am very lucky in the fact that many friends and colleagues send me tips and advice and point me towards new pieces of information which may help me. Sometimes I am feeling upbeat about trying whatever new tip it is but if late was feeling a bit, “what’s the point”. However there is still the never ending fuel inside me to always try so that my boys don’t end up like me, motherless by the age of ten.

Last week one of my bosses asked me to tweet something for her which I did. She then spotted on my Twitter page that I have MS and immediately got into contact to tell me about “The Wahls Protocol” by Terry Wahl.  I hadn’t realized what this was about until she kindly explained it to me even though she is very busy.

Its a high fat, low carb eating plan which looks at battling the disease from the roots I.e cellular level rather than battling it at the end symptoms. There are also 9 cups of fruit, veg, mushrooms etc to eat per day.

Everything she said made sense so I immediately ordered the book and decided there was no time like the present and as I already feel like s**t all the time I might as well give it a go., it can’t do any harm. You are asked to take a measurement at the start to see if you get smaller mine was 44inches around my belly.

i just started by cutting out any grains as I didn’t even have the book yet so that was as much as I knew. I eat fairly well so always have either soups or fruit smoothies on the go so that would keep me tied over until the book arrived.

Then I cut out sugar everywhere I could ie in my cup of tea etc. Within a day or 2 I noticed I wasn’t so hungry.

Then the book arrived so I could start to build on the basic stuff I had started with.

Dairy was the next thing to go on day 5.

By the end of the first week I had lost 2 inches and had more energy.  However have been having lots of pins and needles in my feet and hands and still not sleeping great. But I haven’t managed to cut out alcohol yet. You can still have a bit but I find my brain is more foggy the next day when I do.

it is now day 8 and I have found that I am not hungry and my taste buds seem to have woken up. My brain is not so foggy so I hope this can continue. The fats are needed for building the myelin sheath and all those years I was on low fat I wasn’t helping myself at all!

Anyway it’s very early days so I don’t know where this is going to go but I have felt more energized for just over a week and if that’s all I get then that’s better than nothing.

Positive thought: Warriors get up and keep battling until the battle is done

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