Hope amid the chaos

The last few months have been busy. The cleaning agency has gone from strength to strength and I am slowly gathering an army around me who will be able to continue the high physical demands of house cleaning when I no longer can.

Forming a partnership has proved to be a good idea too as Paula can pick up the slack when I’m not well. I’ve been ok until July time when the heat got to me and exacerbated all my symptoms. I have applied for an Air conditioning unit from MS Society and have been given a small grant to buy one so that I can function during the hot weather.

I have been having more headaches too which normally means it’s time to slow down but all in all the combination of Tecfidera, epilim and duloxetine are still effective for me. I worry what will happen if no longer proves to be the case but I’m just taking one step at a time.

However all in all I wanted to again provide hope to sufferers out there who feel that all is lost at diagnosis. I don’t know how long my good spell will last but I am making the most of it while I can, saying things to people I need to say, taking my children to places to build memories with them and at the same time being lucky enough to be paid for what I enjoy doing which makes it all possible along with the continued support of my long suffering husband too. We have just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and are so lucky to have each other I thank God every day for everything we have. We aren’t rich but we have enough to have a great life together without hardship. Everybody always wants more but hearing constantly of people who have riches beyond anything I will ever have yet they are on their 2nd or 3rd marriage where clearly the love has died and it has just become about what is the next fast car they will have or the next house and hearing bitterness in them even though they seemingly have it all makes me sad and I pray that they could one day feel the love and freedom that I experience on a daily basis.

And so, another week begins, I turned 43 this weekend. Mum died with MS when she was 44 so here is to another year of making the most of things and wishing everyone reading this well wherever you are in the world.

Positive thought “no matter what they say or do, be kind, for they know not what they do”



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