The crest of a wave

I haven’t written for a while as my journey has led me to becoming extremely busy and in demand.  It is so strange as 2 years ago I felt like my life was over and I was good for nothing except for being ill with MS and waiting for it to take me over just like it did my mum all those years ago.  Whereas in the last 6 months since I recovered from the septicaemia incident with the cat (!) so much has happened.

December ended up being a great month for me for my little sole trading business doing administration and cleaning and housesitting animals.  So much so that my husband suggested I help other people do the same thing as me and make a bit of extra money.  I ummed and ahhed about it because “what if my health took a down turn” who would do it then?  “What if I fail and it’s a complete flop?” etc etc etc.

But in the end I decided to just go for it.  At one of the lovely places I housesit at I met another cleaner who was interested in doing the same thing, so in April we formed our own partnership called “Pengelly and Cunnington Cleaning Services” and have made a kind of agency within a ten mile radius of Okehampton providing cleaning for people in the area.  We interview all the cleaners, who are self employed and then marry them up to jobs which are suited to them and which days they are available.  So far we have 16 cleaners and 23 clients in 2 months!!!

So at the moment I am riding the crest of a wave, making hay whilst the sun shines hoping I get enough time before this blasted disease raises its’ ugly head again to get me.  My latest brain scan showed no changes again in the lesions in my brain which is fantastic as that is 2 years in a row! So it shows that Tecfidera and Epilim are a good combination for me, even though miserably they have caused me to gain weight but I would rather that than how I felt during mid relapse.

If anyone is out there reading this newly diagnosed I just wanted to share this, not to show off but to show you that there is hope, I understand how low it goes when diagnosed and if someone had told me when I first relapsed at diagnosis that I would be running my own business 2 years down the line I would have punched them on the nose! Don’t give up, just let it run its course for however long you need and then do whatever it is you want to, it’s your chance so go for it and even if everyone says its silly do it anyway.

Positive thought “Dawn always follows the darkness of night”


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