Nearly killed by a kitten

A few weeks ago my son was being terribly bullied at school and was having a really bad time. His birthday was coming up and he mentioned that he might like a kitten. I went to get the kitten and found it came with a cat too! (Another much longer story) so they both came home and everybody in the house loves them. They soon settled into family life and Bella and Mittenz the Kittenz became our new residents at number 32.

Last Thursday I was playing with Mittenz and she scratched me, only a little bit and I thought nothing of it I have worked with animals for many years and owned them for even longer and have been scratched and bitten many times. The next morning the scratch had come up like a big red spot and my finger was really hurting, I went to work anyway and my boss commented that it looked angry. I thought perhaps I should get it looked at but was in two minds as it was only the size of a pea and felt a bit silly.

On the way home I pass the medical centre and decided to pop in and make an appointment anyway, just in case. As luck would have it they could see me after the next person. Great think I, I can get some antibiotics and get on with my day. The nurse had a look, asked me what had happened and wrote the prescription then popped out of the room to get a doctor to sign it.  As luck would have it (again) the doctor knew that cat scratches can turn nasty and told the nurse she would sign the prescription but I must go to A&E immediately and to look for any tracking marks. This is when in poison moves back down from the site of infection to the body, it looks like inflamed angry veins. When she looked, it had already tracked back to my elbow within only 16 hours.

Off to hospital for me with Rob. All the way I was still in shock saying that surely it was a lot of fuss for a mere tiny scratch. When I got to triage the infection had tracked back half way to my shoulder and there was now talk of intravenous antibiotics. Great I hate needles but I was getting a bit panicky now so let the nurses do their work. The next step was the Doctor, when he got to me he basically told me I was going to be taken to theatre that evening to cut out the infection and would only be able to leave when the infection was under control.

I was admitted there and then!  Rob went to pick the boys up from school and before I knew it they were visiting and all joking about deadly kittens! Rob took the boys after an hour and ten minutes later I was taken to theatre and under general anaesthetic (they were concerned about the infection getting into the bone) they removed it and I was soon awake and asking for food to be brought to me.

Luckily all the observations were ok as this was caught very quickly but I had a close shave. Since then I have heard horror stories about people not getting to a hospital quick enough and the result is kidney failure, sepsis, liver problems and all manner of other things including death. I can’t stress enough to people reading this how serious a scratch from a cat is, wash it immediately for at least half an hour. Don’t think you are being silly, the germs they carry on their claws are deadly.

“Angels walk amongst us every day and guide us”

2 thoughts on “Nearly killed by a kitten

  1. Oh my God!!! I love adn play with cats all the time! That is why my friend sent me your blog! And I also have MS!
    I am so glad you listened to your inner guidance (or intuition) .

    So I only read you and met you today.
    I have lived with MS for the last 33 years. It started when I was 27 and now, that I am 62, I feel better than ever! There is life after diagnosis indeed! Cats have always been with me adn been my companions through all this time and “interesting” journey.

    I wrote and just re-launched the 2nd augmented version of my story in HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition, where I mainly share tons of the tips that helped me not only survive such a diagnosis and all those crazy capricious symptoms (as you well know) but thrive.

    This new version is also INTERACTIVE which means it has videos and also audios embedded in the book. It is a whole different experience in reading bc you read while also watching an audiovisual. I’d love to gift you with it. Would you be willing to take a look at it and maybe even write something about it? I’d really appreciate it bc you have a wide MS audience and I would really want to touch, help and inspire more people living with MS like us, with it.

    For that I would like to know what gadget do you read books in so that I can send you the right format of the new version. And of course your email address so that I can send it to you. My email address is

    I hope you are interested


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