My MS bucket list

MS changed my life, there is no doubt about that. It has put rod of steel through me which means I no longer give time and precious energy to things, situations or people who do not serve my highest good. I have become acutely aware of limited time, how long will it be before I can’t walk? How long will it be before I can’t work? How long do I have left to drive myself around. As I was sitting watching a program about people faking disabilities to get benefits, goodness knows why, they can have my real one if they like and I’ll swap them for health, I decided I’d write a kind of bucket list of things I’d love to do, not before I die but before I am unable. Money no object. So here’s mine, what does yours look like?

1 Visit the Grand Canyon – it just looks so beautiful in the pictures I would love to stand on the edge of the bit where Tom Cruise climbs in Mission Impossible II.

2 Open a rescue centre for dogs and cats where all the unwanted ones go, as so many animals need homes there is always room for one more.

3 Run through the Scottish highlands and visit Ben Nevis and do a whiskey trail while I am there.

4 treat each of my friends to something they would really like particular to them and then all go to a treatment spa for at least a week for solid pampering!

5 take my boys to Disneyland just to see their faces when they see Mickey Mouse!

6 Go on the Orient Express

7 go on the London Eye and visit the Natural History museum to see the dinosaur

8 visit the Taj Mahal and eat curry in India!

9 see the gloworm caves in kawiti in New Zealand

10 swim with dolphins

11 ride a camel!

12 have breakfast at Tiffanys

13 pan for gold in Australia and have a ring made from it

14 see the Northern Lights

15 make our house as big as possible for my ever growing boys to leave them a legacy

16 have a glass of Chablis in Chablis

It can go on. If I even achieve 2 it will be a miracle but one has to dream……

“Miracles can happen”



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