I’m soooooooooooo tired! The light is beginning to fade into the winter and so am I! I have started my new 8 hours of proper employment in two 4 hour chunks and am getting on fine although I have started to yawn a bit towards the end so am at my limit I think.  September other than that has been fairly busy with lots of housesitting, shop cover and other odd cleaning jobs. Whilst I am occupied I find my mind does not think about the constantness of MS symptoms which are always there. The recent set of medication has been a great combination for me but alas the headaches are returning and so is the nystagmus so I guess it will be time for an uppage. My consultant has retired and I had the appointment letter through the other day for the new one who is called Dr Gormley!  I find this name hilarious, I hope he isn’t gormless or there will truly be no hope for me. Anyway I don’t get to see him until February but I will see my MS Nurse on 11th October so I can talk to her about the return of the nystagmus.

As I said my strength is beginning to ebb away again, I had to sit down after climbing some stairs today or I would have fallen down. Yet I am walking and keeping relatively fit, so this is a strange thing to behold. I cant understand why my body will no longer hold onto its’ strength when normally it can be maintained. I guess it isn’t called the progressive paralysis disease for nothing. I was running 2 miles but haven’t had time because of my work to go over the last few weeks.  I can’t do both. Also my left side is playing up again, my left leg has decided to start going around in a type  of arc of its’ own accord which makes me look like I am walking with an invisible hoola hoop attached to my ankle. My left arm too is struggling, I have to concentrate with all my might to get it to respond when I type and it hates lifting things. Big protests!

So I am battling on hoping I can get through the winter with everything I have to do with my left side doing its’ thing and my eyes starting to play up. Thank goodness for the oxygen which is still faithfully there in the corner to help with the clusters and through it all I am managing to hold down several jobs and haven’t had a single day off sick…yet…

“Be kind and patient, stay true to yourself”


2 thoughts on “Tired.com…..

  1. I’m right there with you… while I love the cold and the light fading away earlier, my energy has also gone with it like yours. I’ve been so fatigued. Sleeping so much. Everything sounds exhausting. I haven’t gotten dressed or left the house for days… I can usually get through about 4 days of that before I just HAVE to get dressed, do my hair and makeup, feel normal, and keep the car. What do I do? Nothing. Maybe go get myself lunch. Maybe hit a store to go shopping if I have the energy. Then it’s back home and in pajamas for 4 more days.

    What’s your solution when you feel like this? Honestly, I just end up medicating (ie. get stoned). After looking at the dirty dishes for three days (we don’t have a dish washer), I finally took gabapentin today so I could “do” stuff.


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