A return to the root

After never having thought about housesitting before, I have come back to the house which inspired me to start. Only a year ago I had to bring my oxygen tank along with me as the cluster migraines were extreme, this year it stayed at home. Apparently I am “remitting”. Long may it continue even if I get a week, I’ll take it. The combination which suits me is duloxetine, epilim and Tecfidera along with vitamin D. The peace here does me good, the boys went home today for a couple of days for various glasses fittings etc and I went back to bed and didn’t wake until ten past 3 in the afternoon!!!! As soon as I know my boys are being looked after by someone else I allow the real tiredness to hit me. I guess as mums we train ourselves to always be on alert to hear them.

I have been pottering around the house to help the owner too, cleaning and watering the plants etc. She doesn’t pay me but I am allowed to bring the children for holidays and she normally leaves me an organic vegetable box too along with anything I can eat from the garden. A fair exchange in my opinion.

Also she gave me a very good reference so I could “go pro” And I have stayed in some beautiful places with some adorable creatures as a result and been paid for it. The baby blankets didn’t sell but I think I am more content with doing the house/pet sitting. I guard people’s properties and animals with all my might and my reliability and loyalty shines through.

So I have a few more days to rest and recuperate and gather myself for September where I will be signing an admin employment contract for 8 hours per week and taking on a new cleaning contract at a house where there is a gorgeous Clumber Spaniel called Nelly who I get to walk too. I have the best job in the world and I pray my health will hold to allow me to do it through the winter months and beyond. I’ve decided to reorganise myself  too so I get one day off during the week along with weekends and only work until midday to give myself a chance to rest. Let’s see how it goes!

“Last years compost feeds this years vegetables”





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