A log cabin and a pint of beer

Its been a great year so far, many ‘ups’ to combat the ‘downs of the previous few. We are currently at  Deerpark , Herodsfoot, Liskeard, Cornwall curtesy of granny. It is an amazing place, trees, a hot tub, a log cabin, fresh air what more could we ask for a respite break from the last few years. I love staying in log cabins, something about the fact the wood has been a living thing. Much nicer than concrete skyscrapers. We have been on a bush experience, bat spotting, archery and foraging for food in the wild so far with pond dipping and a night vision walk still to come. It has been so eventful I haven’t had much time to take photos. It has been fun but exhausted me so I have been sleeping ALOT but I believe the body tells us what it needs so now there is no work to do, I am listening to it!

There are Canadian geese here too which wonder around looking for grubs and hoping that you have bought them some food from the shop for 50p!

The children love it, there is a play area, they have been cycling on their bikes and the activities are interesting. They enjoyed the bush skills where we picked natural food from the woods and tasted it along the way, my favourite by far were the bilberries which are like a small blueberry. It is incredible how much food is available naturally which we just don’t take advantage of. I learnt all about how sphagnum moss is a natural antiseptic and soldiers in the war used it on their wounds. Also how oak galls can be used as a form of ink and has been since guy Fawkes times. Meadowsweet is used to make mead, mix it with willow and it forms aspirin. The ranger Martin really knows what he is talking about as he is a qualified botanist. He brought his dog Zac along, an old English Sherpdog who had walked the same route for the last 9 years so started barking when it was time to move on to the next bit!

Martin also led the bat walk which started with a blindfold game for the children where one is the bat and one is the moth and illustrates how bats use sonar to detect their prey. We then went for a short wander around the site and we saw 4 different species of bat after detecting them with the bat detectors. So much fun! The kids loved it as it was getting dark and spooky and they thought they might see Batman!

Tomorrow is pond dipping which Rob is going to do with Sam and Eli, they will net some creatures from a pond and see what they have caught.then the piece de la resistance the night vision walk where they go out in the pitch black with night vision equipment to see what they can see until midnight! Again I have delegated to Rob for this one.

To my followers concerned how I am as not many blog posts lately, I am doing ok thank you. Working again is zapping all my energy but necessary for previous reasons described in this blog. This holiday is doing me good and I highly recommend a trip to this peaceful place as being in the heart of nature is good for the soul.

Positive thought: have another pint!


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