The seed of change

It is happening. I am fully self employed, obtaining small jobs and sustaining them. In fact so many jobs are coming my way I am in the privaledged position of choosing which ones I would like to do. So far I am doing some house sitting with five gorgeous cats in a 9 bedroom mansion and being paid for it too. Three of the cats are Persian and they are adorable. My duties are to stay overnight with them, groom them and feed them and I love it! Rob is managing the fort at home and luckily I can leave the property each day to see the children.

my new friend Milo


I am also doing some light cleaning jobs which are enjoyable as they are only for 2 hrs and I get left alone and can sit if I need to. I have told the people who hire me that I have MS and so far it hasn’t been a problem for anybody. This is so encouraging as I was so concerned I would be turned down for everything. One of the cleaning jobs came through a temping agency in Okehampton and they told me that nobody wants the jobs which are only for a few hours. This is why I believe I am hoovering up the scraps putting it all together making some nice extra pocket money for the kitty.

I did some shop cover too at a local Outdoor Pursuits shop, I have done several expeditions in my past so enjoyed speaking to customers about rucksacks and headtorches and maps. I have more dates booked in to do this over the coming weeks. The shop owner has been really pleased with my work and recommended me to his friend for an admin job and I have just signed a 12 week contract at 3 hrs a week!

I turned down a few too, a 9 hour housekeeping post in a pub which could not be flexible around me and a hard cleaning job, way out of town.

These past few weeks have been extremely encouraging and have lifted my spirits further. Most days the phone has been ringing or people mention further work I could become involved in if I wanted it. But for now I am at capacity, I cannot overdo it or my family will pay the price and I don’t want that. I enjoy being my own boss and earning my own money. I am so grateful to everyone who gives me a chance and can believe again that I still have a lot to offer. I am therefore on target to pay up my National Insurance class 2 so I would be covered when a relapse hits me again.

The other fantastic bit of news is that I have applied for my driving licence back and am waiting for the Doctor to verify my health for my licence. It should take another 6 weeks….watch this space!

Positive thought: when opportunity comes from the most unlikely places, take it as you never know where it might lead.


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