No rocks on the road

At the moment, I have reached a patch of still waters, finally there are no rocks in my way at this point of my journey. The tecfidera is working, it has so far stopped the lesions getting any worse so hopefully this means the chance of relapse will be reduced. I was very dubious about disease modifying drugs and the horrendous side effects which I experienced with Avonex and luckily my consultant was quick to get me off it. Tecfidera is completely different, minimal side effects, NO needles (very important to me) and easy to manage, no cool boxes, sharps boxes etc.

I meet many wonderful people who have been diagnosed and I am fortunate to be in touch with some of you around the world who follow my blog and keep in touch and share ideas. To you all, a big thank you, you have helped me to this point and I in turn help others where I can. I think it is so scary at first being diagnosed and shoved on all these serious drugs not knowing if they will help or not. Getting through the first few months of side effects has to be the worst and those of you who work, huge respect, I couldn’t have done it and had the strength to get there.

The next part of my journey does involve work, I have been trying many different avenues with sewing, job applications and such like. A good friend came to visit me today and suggested the self employment route which I am going to explore. I completed a course in teaching 2 years ago and would like to do a bit of planting etc and teaching people with learning disabilities so I am going to visit the Maidenwell Centre in Hatherleigh at my earliest opportunity. Also I am applying for any suitable jobs which I see advertised along the way. All the bits and pieces together I hope will give me some extra pocket money and a sense of worth I so crave at the moment.

My health is great for the time being, I can walk the dog for an hour, do my garden and don’t have to sleep for half the day.  I am officially “remitting” and the pain is under control. I have even started running again, one mile at a time, my 9 year old son came with me last time and was faster than me! But this is great news and I so hope that it continues.

Positive thought: push the boundaries and never give up

4 thoughts on “No rocks on the road

      1. Thanks! I actually just had my second visit to the emergency room for MS on Friday night (first visit being where I got diagnosed). Scarier than the first time, but two days later and I’m feeling better than I expected, so no complaints there! 🙂


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