My clever husband has taken some decent photographs of my handmade baby blankets and already upgraded my Etsy shop (MsMakerShop) and it looks so much better so I am feeling renewed with enthusiasm. I will make some more now to keep the ball rolling.

The online surveys are however driving me demented, I keep getting locked out of surveys or there are none available or something. However I am not giving up and tonight the kind ladies on the Facebook group “women with MS” recommended the following: makemoneysurveys -money saving expert, you gov, your say and pinecone research so will check these out presently.

So far the effort being put for for return achieved does most definitely NOT tally…

Total spent on sewing machine, materials and thread £100

Sales – 1 baby blanket £10.00

Total survey money £0.00

Total income during March £10.00

Good job i’m in this for interest and that I’m not in it to make ends meet!

Other good news today was that I took the nurse advice and ran a very short distance and am feeling the benefits.

positive thought: use the tools around you and share your skills

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