Shops, jobs and persevering

After a month or two of preparing and sewing I opened my first Etsy shop yesterday called MsMakerShop and put a few of my items on there, check it out. I used lots of bright cheery colours in the hope it will catch someones eye. No sales yet but it has only been live for 22 hours. I have also put them on Ebay and the local selling site to see which is the best mode of selling them.  I need to make more things to add on, it is great fun and if nothing sells them I will pass them to friends who are expecting babies.

I am also continuing with the Online Survey sites but fear that this may be a bit of a racket because as soon as you seem to be getting anywhere there are suddenly no surveys available, but hey, I earned £2.28 today in 3 hours(!) only another £17.72 until they will pay out. I don’t think it is worth it, there has to be easier ways of making some pocket money from home, I will keep persevering……

The problem at the moment is, I have totally lost all my confidence and don’t feel that I could even fit in at a work place let alone hold down a job. If it isn’t problems with reliability due to fatigue then the anxiety caused to me by making simple errors would be too much.  Rob and I had a conversation today about what would be a good job for me and we came up with some sort of Teaching Assistant Role in the College at the bottom of our road a quick look online showed there are none available at the moment but I will keep my eye out.  I do enjoy writing and am going on another course in April, a few ideas are in my mind for books/stories so I have things in the pipeline.  For others with MS that I know most have already got jobs when diagnosed which seems easier than trying to get a job when one hasn’t already got one.

Anyway, that’s the situation at the moment, an exciting week lies ahead as my biggest boy is the lead role in the school play of “The 3 Little Pigs” he is the Big Bad Wolf!!!! I can’t wait and am bound to cry!!!!

Positive thought: Just go for it

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