From tiny acorns….

….mighty oaks will grow. I am so hoping that my new creative venture will take off and my enthusiasm has rubbed off on Rob who is finally doing some art linked photography again and I am hoping some of his talent is transferred to me.  I feel that at the moment there is huge pressure in this country for individuals with disabilities to work even if they are not well enough to and also on mums to get back to work asap, now I believe the age of the youngest is 5 before women are supposed to be back in employment.  As I fall into both of these categories…not much pressure there then!!!! As you know if you have been following my blog, I managed to get my children to school at which point I was due to start to a career in the Civil Service, I flew through all the interview stages and got to the typing stage  which was going to be a walk in the park for a person who is a trained audio typist since I was 17.  You can imagine how shocked I was when the computerised result came in at 0% correct, therefore no interview, therefore no high flying job.  There had been some sort of relay issue between eyes, ears and hands which no longer co-ordinated as they should at speed due to the MS.

I have to say that when first diagnosed, I thought that it was the end of my life and that surely I would soon be hugely incapacitated. This has not been the case for me yet 18months down the line and I am finding little by little hope for a future which may not be so bleak as I had thought it would be 18mths ago.  I am constantly searching to find ways of being a good example for the children, to be someone who doesn’t give up even though health problems are involved.  My newest project is making baby blankets to sell online, that way there is nowhere to get to be a certain time, no pressure of work colleagues and a few extra pennies for the coffer, I chose sewing as my mum (who also had MS and died when she was 44) had been a great seamstress so I hoped that there was a genetic in me somewhere that would activate, the bad one did, right? So why not a good one? I hope upon hope it will be a success for me and my family. That I can still be a mighty oak.

I still have cognitive concerns, it scares me when I forget the simplest of things, I look forward to talking to the Neuropsychologist about the problems with simple maths and numbers. As I am finding that when I talk to trusted friends they experience similar problems and they don’t have MS, which keeps reminding me to not put everything that happens down to MS.

Anyway, hopefully by next weekend I will have an ETSY account open and baby blankets to sell, 2 blue, 2 pink and 2 yellow and see what happens!

Positive thought: Be strong from the bottom of your roots for your loved ones


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