A writing course and some blankets

Last weekend I went on a short course about “Writing a childrens’ book”, the author running the course was Rebecca Alexander and she delivered a very informative session which has given me many ideas and added more fuel to the creative juices which are still flowing! Just wondering if too many plates are spinning though, I am making baby blankets, sowing the vegetable seeds to sell and grow food for my family, drawing and writing. Something had to replace the running!

I sold my first baby blanket last week which has encouraged me to put some more on Etsy maybe next weekend so I have made 2 yellow, 2 pink and 2 blue ones to see what happens. Even if none of them sell I have enjoyed making them. It may not be completely the end of running though, I saw the MS Nurse on Tuesday and it is recommended to exercise frequently just not too much so she has set me the task of a 1 mile gentle jog per week to keep it rolling. This should help a bit with the inevitable weight gain from lack of activity and the infamous Epilim drug which has the common side effect of an increased appetite.I have been walking the dog every day which has been a joy this week with the long awaited arrival of the sunshine.

I have been referred to a Neuropsychologist because of memory problems and other cognitive issues I have been experiencing for example I used to be a genius at mathematics and some days I struggle to work out the most simplest of sums.  All my problems continue to be invisible which is frustrating as I feel a terrible fraud because no-one can see anything!

The best thing this week was that the nurse told me the latest MRI which showed no change in the lesions means that the drug tecfidera is working, the lesions may never go which I was hoping for but beggars can’t be choosers.

Not huge amounts has happened since my last post before an iPad problem. But friends are still being so supportive I am totally blessed. I would have been lost without them over the last 2 years.  My boys are now eating me out of house and home and Tom the eldest, 9 years old, has taken to running and came 3rd in his first ever Park Run in Okehampton last Sunday making me a proud mumma.  He has also landed the lead role of the Big Bad Wolf in the school production of “Oink” (the 3 Little Pigs), which I am currently more nervous than him about!!!!!! He is due to start a 12 week tennis course in April which is also one of my favourite sports. Sam (7) still loves anything computer games especially Skylanders on the PS3 and Eli (5) loves the Nintendo DS, oh yes, and shouting which is driving us all bananas! Happy days.

Positive thought: Make hay while the sun shines

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