Oh for goodness sake!

This week, it just seems that everything is happening at once. I mean, why the hell can’t things be spaced out more evenly. First Rob had to have a set of blood tests as he has not been feeling well, then I had to have my 3 monthly blood tests to check the tecfidera isn’t harming my kidneys and also I had booked myself in for a hearing test as I am struggling to hear properly. This ear problem started nearly 3 years ago (I know!) after a virus from the swimming pool caused a fluid build up in my ear drum. This doesn’t hurt but feels like there is water in my ear and is annoying. This was only on one side and just never went away. About 6 months ago I became aware that I had to turn the tv up loud, keep asking people to repeat themselves and missed half of what people were saying if I was in a group. The same problem had passed into the other side, antibiotics, exercises to repressurise them – the one where you do an exaggerated yawn and hold your nose and blow. To no avail. So believing I am possibly really annoying everyone around me now with all the “ayying?” booked myself in with the Audom…opted….odom….oh bugger it, the person that checks your lugs. It turns out that I have indeed lost a small amount of my hearing and it is nothing to do with MS. It is because both drums are full of fluid and the tubes into the drum are stuck together. Euughhh! No hearing aid required but a referral to ENT to see if gromits will help alleviate this. It will be a small surgical procedure. Great! More trips to the hospital. I have to say though that I am actually beginning to irritate myself when I keep miss hearing things so I am keen to get it sorted out. Staying optimistic maybe it will help with the balance/dizziness/vertigo?

The dog has been ill this week too, she ate too much cat poo from the garden and has been vomitting everywhere. This was a pleasant experience especially for me as even though my vision and hearing have some issues at the moment, my sense of smell is heightened. I guess it is trying to make up for the other 2 senses which are letting the side down!

To top it off, after a week away, the washing machine has died. I knew it was on its way out, there was the appearance of the odd dribble of water appearing underneath it and it wasn’t spinning properly. As these things are only designed to last 5 years and it was 7 years old I let the insurance maintenance cover run out and decided when it next developed a fault that would be goodbye. The insurance ran out 3 weeks ago……

Positive thought: things can only get better!


2 thoughts on “Oh for goodness sake!

  1. You plate is full for sure! Trusting the ENT can help with your hearing issues! 🙂 One day at a time as everything settles down! Rest and be well friend! 🙂


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