Appreciating small things

As long I can remember I have been tired during the day, at university I had to sleep in the afternoons even at sixth form I was tired. Now as soon as I wake up I am tired. If you don’t have ms and are reading this it is like the most tired you have ever been, multiply that by ten then try to operate to a certain degree without a mistake being made or forgetting something. I think some of the secret forces actually sleep deprive some of the recruits as part of their training schedule. Every day is a huge effort just on tiredness alone without even starting on the humongous list of everything else this illness brings to the table.

One of the ways I sometimes try to deal with this is to take some moments during the day to appreciate the small things. I am house sitting for a friend of a friend this week in a beautiful cottage in the heart of Devon. So just being here is enough, but today we saw a heron sat by the pond. I have never seen a heron so close so this was a bonus. They look like little old men, craning their necks. He caught sight of us and was off. Just a few moments which I greatly appreciated. There is not always this opportunity for everyone for experiences such as this but it can be taken right down to the bare bones for example, simply enjoying the different colours of the bubbles in the washing up bowl or the sound of the rain on a window. Perhaps you are a tactile person then the touch of a smooth pebble or a soft fabric may be your thing. Whatever works for you.

I find slowing down is beneficial too and is the thing I find most difficult. Meditating, relaxing, walking slowly, even eating slowly are all helpful techniques to calm the over agitated nervous system. Easier said than done? You can be the judge.

This past week, I have also been lucky enough to spend some time with my chums who have been giving me lots of crafting ideas so am going to launch into this when I get home to fill my time whilst the boys are at school. The ‘Ladies With MS’ Facebook group have all given their seal of approval on my baby blanket which has encouraged me to try other things too.

positive thought: enjoyment in all things



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