Never say never

This morning I forgot my pills, then when my backup reminder went off I took this evenings’ set rather than this mornings from a dosette box which is clearly labelled “am” and “pm”. I sat down for a bit to finish my cup of tea as the penny began to make its’ slow descent. There are not normally so many in the morning, so I thought something was amiss but couldn’t work out what…… about 5 minutes later……”oh sugar, I just took the wrong set of pills!” This type of thing frustrates me, I mean how hard can it be? It can’t be another thing my poor husband is going to have to supervise. But then I realised I am on holiday, purely chilled out and it was just a mistake that anybody could make. It is a one off. The rest of the day is now turning out to be interesting as the ones to help me sleep are in! Zzzzzzzzzz…….

I am currently staying at a friend of a friends’ cottage house sitting which I love to do as it is something I can do. Rob brings me over and he and the children are allowed to stay if work and school permit. It is set in beautiful surroundings and lots of my pals live nearby and come to visit me whilst I am here. The boys love it as we can go for walks, play on the computer and be somewhere different to home!

It came about due to a chance comment from a friend which gave the owner the idea to have people staying in her house whilst she and her husband travel – this time they are visiting the Southern Hemisphere and have been to many interesting places including Peru (at last contact) and good for them. I would be gone like a shot if health and finances allowed. At the moment it would be too exhausting for me to travel long distances but as my hubby keeps reminding me “never say never!”.

Again I am reminded how fortunate I am to have people around who put me forward for things like this and even though I shan’t be going to far off lands and adventures any time soon, I am having my own little adventure and I am loving it.

Positive thought: I reached my personal target of 50 followers for this blog so thanks all for following!


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