An artist is born

My new direction in life, has taken off! So far this has lasted a week without any postings to EBay. It has kept me very occupied whilst the weather has been all stormy AND reduced my minutes in front of Jeremy Kyle! This is what has been produced (no laughing I’m just a beginner!)

1. Jewelry making – inspired by Young Enterprise in Sixth Form but aimed at small people, the cube necklace.


2. Sewing a baby blanket – encouraged by a friend having a baby boy…..


3. Drawing – just because I wanted to try and found a good book in the library telling me that anyone could, so decided to prove it wrong.

Sketch pad and pencils, normally alien to me

I am finding this work very therapeutic as it is all so new. Along with my writing I am finding this a highly beneficial output. This is so important to me as I would not want to stagnate and just become “MS.” Energy wise whereas running and gyms seemed to reinvigorate me on the short term, this seems to have a slower more long lasting positive impact. After running for an hour, there was no finished product to see, but after sitting and creating for an hour there is something to see that says “I was here, just for a bit, I was here.” So to anyone not knowing what to do next, this is my recommendation to you, and you know what? Even if it’s crap it doesn’t matter because you did it for you.

Positive thought: water the good seeds in you and see which grow

2 thoughts on “An artist is born

  1. Fantastic!!! I, too, find relaxation and comfort in my little Etsy jewelry business… with my one show a year that wears me out entirely but is so worth it, heheh. I have also dug out of the closet a partially finished, inappropriate, weed-related, embroidery project that I started several years ago and am thinking I need to finish! I’m going to have to go back to the library and find some embroidery books again to remember how to do the different stitches.

    I’ve found myself crafting/creating/cooking anything just to get out of the television/internet doldrums. Glad you’re finding an escape in something similar! 🙂


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