Create, create, create

I have caught some kind of creation bug. It started with the sewing machine (which is still not on eBay!) and then my last post detailing things I want to make. Now it is being put into practice. This is proving to be quite a challenge with slowly encroaching motor problems but Rob has been helping me out where he can. I have been “tweeting” the results on @3emmalisa. Writing the blog is still extremely helpful as a source of personal therapy and helps me remember things I would have most definitely forgotton. Our local library is going to be running a course in March about writing skills for children’s stories which sounds interesting so I have signed up for that. All in all this year is progressing well so far, especially now the hospital appointments are lessening.

After going back to review “the talent code” by Daniel Coyle, he believes that the struggle and repetitiveness is how skills become great then I am at the beginning of a junction with many exits, not sure yet which to take to move forward. Just recently, my school Alumni, Stover, have posted all of the old school magazines from years ago. I wrote an entry in most of them but in 1985/1986 I wrote about Hash Harrying (Tom, Sam, Eli if you ever read this and want to look it up my maiden name was Wyness). This is a great running sport which did nothing but bring a smile to my face. A group of people all set off running together and will come across a blob of sawdust at which point there are 2 or 3 different directions to go, only one path is the correct route, the group splits and whichever group find the right path indicated by a circle shout “on, on!” And everybody goes hurtling off that way, the correct way, the wrong way is marked by a cross of sawdust. I ran with Ashburton Hash House Harriers and they used to blow a bugle which made me laugh. So at the moment, without running I am hashing waiting to find the circle of sawdust, the way forward for me.

The other thing I have been thinking a lot about recently, is the emotional side of MS. Anger is a big one for me and an emotion I struggle to deal with. Another revisit to a book called “The Happiness Trap” by Russ Harris looks at all emotions being ok, whereas a lot of people see anger, depression etc as bad and happy emotions being good and therefore always trying to strive for perfect happiness so when we get angry or depressed we feel like we have failed whereas we haven’t feeling anger is just as normal as feeling happy. But you be the judge if you read it, that’s just what I deduced.

Anyway, that’s all for today.

Positive thought:  if you feel miserable listen to a bugle horn, it’s funny.


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