A new direction

This year already seems to be gathering speed away from me. Or is it me slowing down to an ever quickening world? I feel that every day I wake up and try to keep going but am aware that things are beginning to become too much of a struggle or just too physically difficult to do. Last year my exercising came to an end but I can still walk and was confident that I would be able to keep my new dog exercised, this is even becoming a strain some days. She is an adorable dog and needs walking but she can be so bouncy that if she jumps when I am not expecting it my ever decreasing rubbish balance will have me wobbling like a Weeble! I try to take friends with me where possible and they are beginning to notice how this particular struggle is now affecting me. I even had a vertigo attack the other day whilst standing next to a stream!  Hopefully the summer will improve things.

Daniel Coyle the author of “The Talent Code” talks about struggle in life and how it can actually help us to achieve incredible things. It is like the old adage of falling off a bike, to learn how to ride it. Obviously hurts a few times until the part where you are speeding along with the wind in your hair wondering what all the fuss was about. He talks about neurons and myelin sheaths and even MS. I think the idea is the struggle forms new neurons and also the repetitiveness of learning new things lays down extra myelin, something all of us MSers could do with plenty of. I find this fascinating as have often wondered if somehow using this kind of technique alongside the medication from the neurologists could help prolong the nervous system for a bit longer. If the brain in someone with an optic neuritis can form a new neural pathway so that the person can see again could this be done on a larger scale to deal with the more widespread cases of the disease. Not that straightforward I guess or someone would have thought of it already.

Anyway, my new direction is going to involve lots of struggle in an attempt to build new neural pathways and lay down more myelin. I am finding since I came off gabapentin I have a bit more energy and my brain is suddenly bursting with ideas I want to try to do all of which are funny because anybody that knows me, knows I have not got a creative bone in my body and all the things I want to do are creative and not at all linked to my sporty background. These things are:

  1. Sewing – the machine is still here and not on eBay yet!
  2. Writing – including blog, children’s book and a novel
  3. Drawing – I have bought a sketch pad!
  4. Card making
  5. Jewelery making
  6. Learn to play the keyboard using online tutorials
  7. Vlog – like a video blog

We live in the most amazing time where at the touch of a button you can use the Internet, utube or Google to teach you anything you want to learn and not even have to leave the house. Watch this space to see what happens.

Positive thought: learn


2 thoughts on “A new direction

    1. Hi are you on Facebook/Twitter too or just the blog. I just got 50 followers so have set up on them not sure how to spread the word. I am @3emmalisa on Twitter and on fbk Emma Cunnington I need friends with ms! Hope all is well x


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