The story of the sewing machine

Now I have my results and have no further damage since a year ago to my brain, I want to exercise it as much as possible. First exercise, the dreaded sewing machine. On saturday I decided there is no time like the present and got the thing out of its’ box, of course it had not come with a manual but of course Google led me straight to the online copy. Incidentally, nor had it come with any accessories but when I rang Brother and explained a kind man called Richard sent me a free accessories kit because I had broken the needle setting it up to try it out. Anyway, with new needles, bobbins and thread I set up the machine, ancient textiles lessons from school surprisingly helped because even though I am no expert I can vaguely remember, the main difference I am finding is that I ordered a sewing machine completely forgetting about the onset of minor motor dexterity problems but some days I can do it so that will have to suffice.

I then realised that there was a problem with the machine, nothing was lined up so the needle was going to snap again if I pressed the foot pedal. Luckily Rob was at home and loves taking things apart and rebuilding them. He worked out that even though it runs it had been put together incorrectly. He took it all to pieces and started to rebuild it, it took most of the day and lots of swearing(so I went out with the dog!) and finally it worked! You could clearly see everything was now in line but would it sew?

We tried it out on an old pillow case and the stitches on the top were fine but when we turned it over, the stitches underneath were all ruckled. Fearful that I had bought a “nail” of a machine which would be #3 sewing machine to fail at my hands, I asked Google who told me it could be a thread problem. I investigated which thread I needed to go with which material and also found out there is something called “tension” of thread that one has to take into account too.

So it was off to the shops for me to buy some proper thread. Then home to set the tension properly this time and try it out. I have to say it was like a sewing miracle, the problem was instantly solved and both husband and wife had joined forces with determination to not let the “bloody thing” beat us and got it operating. Hurrah! How long it will last before the auctions of the bay de Β la E call its’ name, I know not, but it kept us entertained!!! The first thing I want to make is a baby blanket for a friend who has just had a baby and then a patchwork quilt out of my boys old tshirts. Let’s hope it will be third time lucky for this sewing attempt……..

Positive thought: if it is all going to hell, laugh anyway


7 thoughts on “The story of the sewing machine

  1. “I ordered a sewing machine completely forgetting about the onset of minor motor dexterity problems” This made me laugh aloud simply because I still find myself forgetting this as well! Then I do a mental smack to the forehead and have to laugh at myself. πŸ™‚


      1. Thank you! Yeah… I think I get into funks where all I want to do is post super negative stuff, and that doesn’t really make me feel better. So I just seem to take a break when that happens. πŸ™‚


      2. Hi Jennifer do you link your blog to fbk and Twitter? I have just expanded as I hit the grand sum of 50 followers, being proud of myself, my Twitter is @3emmalisa and fbk is Emma Cunnington, hope ur well

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