New stem cell treatment?

I received many texts and tags today telling me about the MS programme on BBC1 tonight at 8.30pm so felt compelled to check it out. Another set of trials have begun for relapsing remitting MS in four major cities around to the globe including Chicago and Sheffield. Four patients were filmed on the trial, 2 men who had been triathletes and the disease had rendered one of them unable to lift a fork and the other could barely gather the energy to walk to the front gate of his house, a 21 year old mum and an older mum who were experiencing a range of problems including cognitive. The patients undergo a form of transplant therapy where the stem cells are flushed out of the bone marrow via chemotherapy and then reintroduced to the body to reboot the immune system.

Early signs 2 years into the trial suggest the patient who was not able to even lift a fork is beginning to walk again after just 365 days and the others are making significant improvements too. It all looks very promising. Nothing was mentioned about Primary Progressive MS or SPMS. I sincerely hope that these trials are successful, they won’t really know until a decade or 2 have passed if the results remain intact or whether further relapses start up again. Only time will tell. I wonder if it will be too late for me by then? I will be nearly 62, and who knows what further damage my immune system will have done to my brain/nerves by then. But again the advances the doctors are making are staggering, even since the 1980s where they barely knew what MS was and that was only 36 years ago. At the moment I will keep taking my handful of tablets every day hoping they are doing the best for me whilst science catches up with  nature.

Positive thought: there is always an answer to challenge any problem


3 thoughts on “New stem cell treatment?

  1. I read about it too, but I’m always a bit reluctant about aggressive chemos unless they’re really necessary. So I guess I’ll be taking my tablets too for the time being.


  2. From all accounts, this is indeed a very involved and painful procedure offering mixed result. All depends on where the cells are taken from and which type (from what I read). Check out the “WP Reader” for stem cell treatements for MS. Some patients have traveled abroad to have this treatment done. Also, take a peek at and good same topic. It will show you all studies ongoing/concluded for said topic! Be fore warned, you just might find yourself glued to your computer! 🙂 Be well friend!


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