Ambidextrous and a sewing machine

I am typing this with my left hand, ordinarily i am right handed but apparently using the other hand can help to build new neural pathways in the brain, I figured that has to be worth a shot. Will it lengthen the time I have left with a functioning left hand? Will it improve the motor skills? I am also trying, where possible to write with my left hand and use it for as much as I can. Yesterday I had my MRIs which will tell me how much more my immune system has continued its assault on my brain and spine or if indeed the dimethyl fumerate is beginning to slow the progress. I have been feeling really miserable lately and worked out I couldn’t see the wood for the trees because I wasn’t sleeping – at all. After consulting the GP she thinks it is a reaction to withdrawing from gabapentin and prescribed me sleeping tablets. Last night I had a lovely sleep and feel great today like I can think again. We females have the inate ability to dig deep when we have to until we get out the other side. I still find it amusing that only 12 months ago all I would have was homeopathy drops and now I will take anything the doctors tell me to! I don’t even bother reading the side effects anymore.

So, feeling suitably refreshed I decided to look at doing something this year for me. Last year was all about being newly diagnosed and seeing physiotherapists,speech therapist, doctors, nurses and consultants whilst they all worked hard to help me get as good as I can be. First I thought about setting up some kind of buying and selling business online, buy things cheap and sell them at a marked up price. I decided the best way would be to go around to car boot sales to buy the products cheap and then sell them on eBay and then remembered I no longer have my driving licence due to my visual problems. Humph,what to do? I could always make some things. I looked at Amazon and found several good books on craft and this led me to patchwork, I used to love doing patchwork when I was little and weaving (bizarrely). My mum had been able to make clothes, the genes must be in me somewhere. Maybe I could make something. I found a cheap sewing machine on eBay and hit buy it now before I could talk myself out of it. Me and sewing machines have a limited history, I have so far owned 2 and both have been sold on without use! We shall see what happens…

positive thought: if the path you have chosen ends up at a dead end go in another direction

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