Tecfidera and a treadmill

So the Avonex didn’t agree, onto the next choice of options….

The MS nurse told me the consultant has given up trying to offer me more injectable options which made me laugh! The decision this time is therefore between a couple of oral tablets

1 Aubagio which will have the whole range of possible side effects, kidney failure, liver damage, hair thinning and birth defects to unborn foetuses. This has 33% reduction of relapses with 2 weekly blood tests to check it isn’t hurting the liver. Or

2 Tecfidera which has another equally long list of side effects including gastric disorders, numbness, vomiting, kidney, liver damage. This has a 49% chance of reducing frequency of relapses if you can get through the first month of vomiting! The blood tests are only once every 3 months for this. Ummm not going to be a difficult decision, less needles means…

I am going to try Tecfidera, also due to the higher percentage chance of reducing relapses. So let’s see what happens….

In the meantime, I have joined the gym and am enjoying the weights and even doing a bit of running on the treadmill. The personal trainer is very supportive and is trained to deal with people referred from the GP. Last week I cancelled my appointment as the heat drained my energy, he said that there were 3 of us booked that day with MS and we all cancelled because of heat!!! He wasn’t surprised, he understands this condition.

Positive thought: keep cool

5 thoughts on “Tecfidera and a treadmill

  1. Sounds like a great decision. So nice to have a personal trainer who gets the disease process. Pace yourself with work outs to avoid additional fatigue while you build your endurance! Awesome post! 🙂


  2. Sad to hear the Avonex didn’t work. I am doing OK with Ampyra. I am able to walk longer and faster. Tonight I was almost normal!. Good luck with the new regimen. And nice on gym


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