I’m melting……..the hinderance and power of the sun

Getting used to this condition involves getting used to the energy sapping, fatigue inducing effect of heat. For me it is an extremely fine balance between getting enough sunshine for optimum vitamin d levels and not overheating by exposing myself to too much. I am finding it too hot to be able to run at the moment so yesterday morning I went to the gym to do the strength training the physiotherapist has suggested. I organised it at 9am to avoid the heat of the day, I am fortunate that the gym is only at the bottom of my road a five minute walk. By the time I got there I had already overheated and struggled to push 5kg, it was like when a motorbike puts the brakes on very fast and quickly comes to a standstill. I drank plenty of water and gradually as I cooled my capacity to move the weights increased slowly. Next time I have organised it for 8am to see if that makes a difference. It is about working with this condition rather than against it.  So I have bought a massive fan! It is like 747 propeller, when it’s on full speed I feel like I am in a cartoon where you see the characters’ skin on his cheeks undulating as the air blows them so fast! It will do the job.

It creates the force of a wind Tunnel!

The sunshine helps and hinders when one has MS all at the same time. I love watching the sun set, and could always found at the top of Westmill Tor, Dartmoor at 9pm at night at this time of year with my Beamish dog. We watched many, many sunsets together. I will still be able to enjoy this for a little longer as I am still able to walk well enough. We have recently been lucky enough to be able to install some photovoltaic panels which harness the power of the sun and convert it into electricity for us. Hopefully this will help to reduce household outgoings.

The power of the sun
The power of the sun

The best news of all is, Wimbledon starts next week. That will be me holed up for a fortnight. It is my favourite time of year. I haven’t been since 1990 and would love to go again one day. For now watching it on telly is just as good. It will be the first time in 9 years all the children will be out at school all day and I won’t be interrupted! So the phone will be unplugged, mobile turned off (not that I ever get to it in time anyway) feet will be elevated and giant fan will be at the ready. A heatwave is meant to be coming which is hilarious seeing as for years it was always rained off and then they spent millions on a roof for centre court and now the sun comes. God has a sense of humour.

Positive thought: keep shining

3 thoughts on “I’m melting……..the hinderance and power of the sun

  1. how hot is it for you there? where i live, it’s a very strange, small micro-climate on the coast, and so our hot days are only about 65-70F (18-21C). but yesterday coming home from the MRIs i just did, we go through wine country which is only 2 hours south of where we live, but it was 107F (41C)! and even though i was exhausted from 2 days of travel and MRIs, i still got out in that heat and sun to take photos. first time i actually experienced how heat will affect my MS. man! i’m so wiped out today.

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