The turning of the tide

A challenging few months has led to no writing but having spoken to a good friend over the weekend has prompted me to try to jot a few words down. I had been getting on fine with self injecting the Avonex, however, the worst of the side effects led my neurologist to stop it so I am currently waiting to be swapped to either the oral tablets or the daily injection copaxone. That will happen in July sometime. I think a slump in things was related to the effects of the Avonex. Other things to happen, just in case my boys ever need to refer to this for their own information when they are older:

1. Running is becoming harder for me, I had to stop the other week at running club which I never have to do.

2. After a walk with a friend she noticed my walking had gone wobbly, this normally happens after running not walking.

3. Pain has been worse with cluster headaches sometimes hitting 5 times a day which is totally debilitating.

4. Fatigue is horrendous.

5. I am not going out so often without my dog being here.

6. Emotions are just about gone due to medication.

But as I always like to end positively this time there are many good things which are beginning to happen:

1. My boys are getting more and more used to life as it is now.

2. The sunshine along with vitamin D tablets are energising on some days.

3. The OT has put in a double bannister for me so hopefully this will reduce the chances of me falling down the stairs  and I will be having grab rails in the bathroom which is more than mum had.

4. I have joined the gym for strength training and started swimming.

5. I am enjoying my garden again.

6. I have been bowled over by the amount of caring and support I have received from the most unexpected places.

So for the negative things on the list above I have countered with as many positive things. People keep telling me that state of mind is hugely important with this illness. Also I have stopped reading everything in sight about MS as this is my MS and it will be individual to only me. Maybe I am at “burying my head in the sand” stage, then so be it, that is where I am at at the moment. I can safely say that things seem to be on the upturn and thank goodness for that.

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