2 x O2 and a sparkling house

Don't light a match!
Don’t light a match!

The oxygen arrived today so I am excited to see if it helps with the clusters. There is a slight concern with flammability, nobody smokes in the house but apparently I mustn’t go near the gas cooker for anything up to half an hour after use or I could go up in flames due to my clothes getting saturated with it. Scary days! I want to give it a good try to try to combat the pain. The delivery chap mentioned that most people who have the oxygen for clusters don’t have MS as well so I am wondering if the two things are indeed not linked.

My youngest child was off school again today poorly so I entertained myself by cleaning and clearing stuff out. It is amazing how many dog hairs are still around even though he has been gone for 2 weeks I am sure they fall out of the air. So as my lungs are filled with 100% pure oxygen, the house is becoming purer too! I think we will all be able to breathe more easily soon. The house feels very sparkly so it is lifting my spirits.

Positive thought: take time out to breathe more deeply

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