Thank goodness for MS

So the consultant has decided the pain I have been experiencing are called “cluster migraines” these are defined as “excruciating attacks of pain on one side of the head” they are also referred to as “suicidal headaches” as they are so severe. Great. Just what I need. I don’t think they are related to MS but it is possible they could be. The GP is not sure if they will go away or not, in some people they do and in some, they don’t. She has prescribed the oxygen so hopefully that will help. Unfortunately, it seems that there is little that works to relieve these attacks. After having Googled it, there is a drug called sumatriptan which is sometimes effective. Guess what? It is injectable! Bloody hilarious! I hope the oxygen works or I will soon be injecting myself more than once a week. So much for hating needles!

I have not been able to leave my bed since Saturday lunchtime due to the continual stream of attacks. I am just up and about today. How people get to work with this I do not know and I salute them for being able. It is horrendous. My thoughts go out to the poor souls who suffer in silence yet no evidence can be found in mris, scans or tests. I am just lucky that I had MS picked up so I was already under the neurologist otherwise it must take even longer to be listened to. For if I didn’t have the lesions discovered, it would have been yet one more invisible symptom surely leaving the doctor no choice but to have labelled me a nutcase hypochondriac. Thank goodness for MS, it has actually worked in my favour this time.

Thought: God works in mysterious ways

5 thoughts on “Thank goodness for MS

  1. Sorry to read about your clusters. I can appreciate as I’ve had them for years. If oxygen does not work, there are several options to try. I have great success with Imitrex StatDose (sumatriptan succinate) and use when the initial migraine begins, not daily. They also have an oral option too. I call this my “miracle” drug. I’m like a brand new person within hours! Here’s a nice resource for treatment options if you’d like.
    Be well friend and know you’re in my prayers!


    1. Thanks cath I have been in so much pain I haven’t felt like writing my blog for ages. Do your clusters ever go for any decent period of time? The longest break I have had so far is 3 days! Are they related to Ms? Nobody seems to know over here…..

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      1. So sorry Emma that you’re in so much pain and sense your concerns with medical treatment. You’re an amazing advocate. πŸ™‚ Here’s what I know -my neuro considers “cluster” migraines to be those that occur one after another, for several days. I still get them but they go away immediately with Imitrex Stat injection. MS related-yes, according to my neuro. Here’s a helpful article on the topic to review: :, I will keep you in my prayers Emma. I hope you’re able to receive the medical care to bring you relief from your clusters! Blessings and prayers being sent your way!


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