Rainbows in my brain

I did my second Avonex injection on Thursday night. I had to have complete silence, sterile hands and anything the box was touching sterilised and have Rob present to put it in the sharps bin when I had done it so I didn’t see the needle.  This time it took only 3 minutes rather than 30 minutes! I had a cup of tea with sugar after as thought I might pass out then watched an episode of “The Blacklist” to get my mind off it. Job done. The side effects weren’t so bad this time but I was still pleased to have scratched off Friday in the diary as was still good for nothing. The chills weren’t so bad but I still felt like I was recovering from having the flu.

Today I felt ok in the morning so joined Rob and boys at football, with the intention of coming home to have lunch then go off to the park with the bikes. Then quite untimely, the unwelcome spike through my right eye arrived just as they came off the pitch. The rest of the day was written off. We came straight home and I had to go into bed and pull all the blinds down as the light hurts my eyes. I took my pills early and crawled under the duvet to wait for it to pass. The next thing I knew it was 4pm the boys were getting in from the park I had missed it completely. As I was waking though, I couldn’t help but see a positive, my brain had given me some beautiful rainbow coloured flashes which were like fireworks without any noise. The pain was gone then, it was a nice ending.

Time to look forward to our evening out, babysitter arranged, plan made, all there was to do, was feed the boys and then enjoy our evening out. No. MS had other plans again. Another headache started as we were due to go out. Back to bed. Plans cancelled. Today was a write off. This is my new reality, things aren’t always going to go to plan anymore. And I miss my dog. Tomorrow is another day, best to start again then, life isn’t always rainbows.

Positive thought: Appreciate the colours of the rainbows while they last

2 thoughts on “Rainbows in my brain

  1. Oh I so get the needles. I can’t do blood. We know an option for me is injectables and my husband has said that as much as he loves me, I need to do myself.
    When this first started, I was getting flashing lights without pain though. I love your positive outlook on the rainbows. And yes, sometimes I think this has been sent to me so that I become less rigid. Plans and life change. Hope the headaches end soon


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