Beamy, doggy, friend

Today I lost my beloved friend. My darling dog had a stroke yesterday and pulled around, I thought we had a few more months but he had another big stroke this morning and it was time to say goodbye.

My gorgeous boy
My gorgeous boy

The vet came straight to the house. I thought I could bear the pain on my own but at the last minute didn’t have the strength luckily Rob could escape from work. The vet made Beam comfortable with a sedative, he fought it all the way, we were both sobbing as she shaved his paw ready for the final injection. He looked back at us and we said goodbye to our dear friend. He went very quickly as his heart was so weak. We wrapped him up in his favourite blanket and Rob carried him for the last time out of the house. He is going to be cremated and we will scatter his ashes in the garden under the apple tree.

Last holiday going up Scafell
Last holiday going up Scafell

We had rescued Beamish or number 9663 from a Police Rescue home in Northants when we lived in Towcester. He reminded Rob of a previous dog they had as children. I can remember when we were looking for a dog, we weren’t going to have a puppy, or a large breed or a black dog. Beamish was all 3! On arrival at the pound, there he was so nervous in a pen with another dog which could only be described as Zebedee! It was jumping up and down vertically and never stopped, Beamish slept for 2 days solidly when we got him home, he was exhausted by it! Luckily they were so full with dogs they let us get Beamish out of there straight away, he was 5 months old and curled up on my lap in the car for the journey home. A friendship was born.

My good friend
My good friend

Beamish was a very nervous dog and it soon became evident that he may nip at people when they came into the house so we put him away if people were scared. Many were brave enough to give him a chance, and once they knew him, found him to be an extremely loving creature. I decided that to get the best from Beamy we would need to go to training classes together. I selected the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) organisation as their methods are kind and reward based. For weeks I took my little black puppy to training classes to give him the best chance possible and gradually we learnt together to understand each other, we bonded even more. Very quickly I only needed to speak to him and he knew what I was asking of him. He was an extremely intelligent animal as he was part collie.

Dartmoor Walks
Dartmoor Walks

Walking was our favourite pastime, along with watching sunsets together. We must have walked hundreds of miles together, sometimes with friends and sometimes on our own. He was always at my side, always pleased to see me, always faithful and loyal. I will miss him forever and at the time of writing this feel like the hole he has left may never be filled. The boys are all sad, they have all shed a few tears, I have told them that the pain will lessen as time goes on. I need to take my own advice. Beamy was 14. That is 98 in human years so he did very well and up until yesterday had never really needed a vet, he was still enjoying his walks and his food, he still had all his faculties too, so today has been very sudden. He was extremely loved.

So goodbye to my dear friend, thank you for the memories.

Beamish Feb 2000-April 2014
Beamish Feb 2001-22 April 2015

positive thought: there is a new star in the sky tonight

3 thoughts on “Beamy, doggy, friend

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss…I can only imagine how you must feel right now. We went through it a year and a half ago with our beloved first dog, also very suddenly. It’s still hard sometimes on bad days when I wish he was here. No one understands us like our dogs. I’ll be thinking about you, hugs.


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