Needles stage 2 – test result – pass

What a day. Today was Avonex training day whereby the MS Nurse would teach me how to do the injection. Rob came with me. I was really brave and wasn’t really worried. I had put the ice block in the freezer, taken it out to thaw a bit until the green tick appeared and packed up my 2 injections for the journey to Exeter (the second being in case the first went wrong!).

We collectively decided to get it over and done with Asap before the discussion about side effects. I opened the box, snapped the cap off, put the needle on, twisted and loaded it, placed it on the thigh muscle…..then…….couldn’t do it. My thumb was over the trigger and I knew I wanted to, but couldn’t do it. We tried counting down, counting up, not looking, looking, talking about something else, persuasion by bribe, gentle coaxing, everything….half an hour later I was still sat there and Rob offered to do it for me. At first I thought that might be the best idea as we didn’t want to be there all day. However, when he put his hand on it, I knew I had to be in control of this. This disease allows me little control of what is happening to me but I can damn well control the battle juice I am endeavouring to fight it with. I still couldn’t do it, then I got frustrated, annoyed, followed by huge amounts of swearing and finally……popped the button and in it went.

The funny thing is, after all that fuss I didn’t even feel it! Then I relayed this fact that it didn’t hurt, me and Rob both laughed, leant forward and bashed heads which hurt more than the needle! The worst bit was having to count to ten whilst it was in there. It felt like an hour and a half. So then we had the discussion about follow up monthly blood tests (to make sure it isn’t destroying my liver – great), side effects and where we go from here. Much of today is now a blur as I got in such a tiswas but my MS Nurse is going to use me as an example as at one point Rob said if I pushed the button I could have anything I wanted and all I asked for was a Topic chocolate bar, the one with hazelnuts in it. She said that was priceless and wished more people were contented with small things in life as many, presented with a golden opportunity like that would have asked for the Earth.

So, it is done, I did it. It was probably the single hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Now to see if there are any side effects……

Positive thought: chill out

3 thoughts on “Needles stage 2 – test result – pass

  1. Heheh, yeah!!! That’s great. I have to say, there are still days, and I can’t tell you why, that I do the same thing… hold the shot over me and my thumb just hesitates and I’m thinking, “Do I really have to do this again.” And then I just take in a deep breath, let it out, and do the shot, count to 10, and wonder why I was so worried. 🙂

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