Another oxygen tank and looming needle

An extra visit to the consultant today thanks to his amazing secretary who picked up on the fact that I was phoning in fairly often complaining of the pain in my brain. It turns out that apart from the appointment I managed to nab due to a cancellation his next appointment slot is 3rd November! So he is going to increase  the gabapentin and duloxetine to the max and also try me on oxygen. I thought he meant hyperbaric oxygen but no, it is a cylinder which I can bring home with me. He stated the obvious, but had to, and told me not to light a match or that would be the end of me, I couldn’t resist the opportunity presented and made him laugh by saying that that would definitely solve the pain problem once and for all!

I felt quite pleased with the appointment today, it is always quite daunting going to the neurologist, I get a bit star struck as they are seemingly so important, but today he seemed almost human and I was so pleased I got an appointment before November. My MRI will be repeated in August which will be a year since the last one and hopefully the Avonex will have done something to reduce the onslaught of the immune system and the lesions will start to reduce/disappear by then. I was always smug as never seemed to go down with illnesses like others, little did I know I had a super immune system. Not feeling quite so smug now.

Talking of Avonex, it is 2 days until needle time and counting. I rang the MS Nurse today too as I wasn’t sure whether to use the cool bag or not to get it from home to Exeter. The answer is yes, use the cool bag to transport it. It is a real hassle, you have to put the ice pack in the freezer for 24 hrs then remove it and let it rest for approximately 2 hrs until a green indicator on the pack says it is ready to use, then put the drug in the bottom of it. I guess it doesn’t need to be too cold or it will freeze. I am bound to get it wrong somewhere and end up in a spin. The joys of MS!

Positive thought: breathe (but don’t light a match!)

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