The ups and downs of MS

There really are some rubbish days with this MS lark. Every week I am finding something else I used to do with ease becoming more difficult. Today it is gardening, I would usually weed my whole garden in one go, plant up the vegetable boxes and move the plants around. Today I found hand digging out a bunch of chives was like the Worlds Strongest Man hauling a double decker bus down an airstrip, a humongous effort. Also I would normally mow the lawns alongside weeding. Just ain’t happening I can’t lift the lawn mower.  I did manage to put the potatoes in the ground, already knowing that Rob will have to dig them out when they are grown as I won’t have the strength.

On a good note though, SLEEP. Wow, I can sleep! As I have said before, I was an insomniac since I was 14. Awake most of the night. Rob used to say I was like a star, I shine at night. Not now, now, I sleep solidly all night and have even started an afternoon nap which normally lasts for about 2 hours, even then I have to force myself awake. I LOVE it! After so many years of living on empty sleep wise, I find myself, filled with gratefulness that I finally get to properly know a good nights sleep and do not know what strength I must have had to exist for so many years without it. I am sure this phase will pass but for now I am enjoying it.

I often think that gardening reflects life and the struggles we face, the gardener will plant the seeds required to grow into the flower/vegetable he requires and will have to work at nurturing it whilst it grows, protecting it from the frost, the pests and the weeds. Ensuring it has enough light, water and nutrients to develop into a strong healthy plant. I guess I am just trying to concentrate on the strong, healthy aspect of today which is the sleep and am psychologically chucking out the weakness issues that I face, without disregarding them.

Positive thought: search for the treasure amongst the trash

4 thoughts on “The ups and downs of MS

  1. You’re amazing as you painted the perfect picture for positively managing MS. Making adaptions and while doing what you love! Priceless! Thank you for your positive spirit! Can’t wait to hear more about your gardening as it nurtures you!


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