Needles – stage 1 – test result fail

Not being the best fan of needles but deciding that maybe exposure would be some form of psychological way of dealing with the problem, today I decided to go for acupuncture. I thought, ” in for a penny, in for a pound” I have to get used to them anyway with the Avonex treatment looming. What the hell, I might as well start getting used to it.

I was so brave, there were only 6 needles used as a starter, Two in the back of my head one in my shoulder, one on my forehead and one in each thumb at the base. This was to see if it helped the pain I have been experiencing down the right hand side of my face/head and right shoulder. We went through all the health and safety questions, did I have a heart problem? “No” was I allergic to stainless steel or nickel? “No” have I ever fainted? ” No” Am I diabetic? “no” etc. the needles were put in, I was fine. Then came the part where the practitioner turns the needle to help the flow of chi. On the first turn of the first needle I suddenly felt like I was going to be sick and broke out in a sweat. We both quickly decided to get the needles out. One by…..that was it… Lights out…..the next thing I knew I was waking up in the physio room not really knowing what had happened. I had fainted! I have never fainted in my whole life! Thank goodness I was lying down at the time.

After 2 glasses of water I was drenched in sweat. A nurse was called to take my blood pressure to make sure I was ok. All my stats were normal. But I couldn’t walk home for fear of falling over so the Physio gave me a lift as she was on her way to an appointment anyway. Luckily Rob was at home and he immediately made me laugh saying that it was like Kung Fu Panda when he has acupuncture. If you have seen the movie this will be very funny for you. The panda has needles put him as he has finished his training and is very sore and when they are inserted his body and face contort hilariously into strange positions. Needless to say, even though many people swear by acupuncture, at the current time it is not the right way forward for me.

The amusing thing is, I wanted to try acupuncture to help with the headaches, by the time I got home, I had a major one!

Positive thought: try

2 thoughts on “Needles – stage 1 – test result fail

  1. Bahah! I don’t mean to laugh, but my husband and I (who have no children) LOVE Kung Fu Panda (I & II) and I know that part exactly. Mantis: That was me! Heheh.
    But seriously, what an extreme reaction! Presumably Avonex is a self-injection? I’m on Rebif and while experienced with needles because I’m also diabetic and inject insulin twice a day, I am wondering how long before I’m tired of these Rebif injections 3x a week. Do you have a Plan B if you’re unable to do injections?


    1. It’s great a great film I laughed so much! Avonex is once a week, I have no idea what to do if I struggle with the jabs. The reaction to the acupuncture was extreme, it was like someone hit my “off switch!” Apparently people with blonde hair and blue eyes (me) can react more than others. It’s funny now!

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