Blessed slumber and a solar eclipse

After having spent years awake half of the night, it would seem, this latest combination of drugs has granted me blissful sleep. At the moment I can sleep all night and most of the afternoon too. I am hoping this will be time to heal. It has only been a week on duloxatine. I used to get so many jobs done in the middle of the night and always loved the “witching hour” when the world is asleep and it was just me and one of my babies, gently nursing them back to sleep. Those days are gone now, the boys sleep all night, thank goodness they don’t need me in the middle of the night like they used to.

It has taken the peaks of my emotions too for the moment I am not crying as much as I was but neither am I laughing. I am sure this will settle out, at least it has taken the pain of the headaches, for now.

It was the solar eclipse yesterday, historically, from briefly googling it, it was considered a bad omen of death and destruction in some cultures but it China it was said to bring health and success to the Emperor as long as it was predicted by his astrologers. Some were even executed if they didn’t predict it accurately. How times have changed, nowadays we know that it is merely the crossing of two paths of the sun and the moon.  I still enjoyed watching it, there won’t be another solar eclipse until 2090. None of this will matter then, even though it is so important now.


Tomorrow is my next run, whilst I can still do it, I am trying for one a month, slightly apprehensive but at least I will find out where the boundaries are at the current time.

positive thought: behind the dark of the moon, the sun is there

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