Age UK 10km

I have been trying to find a decent 5km race for April and May for a while now and could not find one for love nor money. A lady at running club mentioned she was doing a 5km at Exeter next weekend. I got home and googled it and it turns out it is a 10km but very flat. I rang up and left a message as it looked like entry was closed. A lovely lady from Age Uk the race organisers rang me back and told me if I wanted to register I had half an hour before entry closes, I registered without thinking put the phone down and then quickly rang Rob, luckily he wants to run it too so I rang back and registered Rob too. Babysitters were found and it looks like we get a morning out together.

I have not run that far since before diagnosis so am not sure what will happen. It may give me an idea of how far I can push it at the moment. Or whether as my body is fighting itself constantly anyway, I should just ignore it and carry on! Exercise is good but it is best not to overdo it, I am hoping this will give me an idea of where I am on that spectrum. What a way to find out! Apparently finishers get a race tshirt and goodie bag, all my old race tshirts have gone so I need to start a new collection.

I can’t help but smile at the fact that in typical me style I have entered a race that is both the wrong distance and in the wrong month for what I had been planning. I wait with baited breath to see what happens!

Positive thought: aim for the stars and you may reach the top of the trees, aim for the top of the trees and you may never get off the ground

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