An oxygen tank and a new drug

It was good enough for Micheal Jackson so it is good enough for me.  I had to check out the hyperbaric oxygen tank at the Therapy Centre in Exeter. It took 5 hours of my life to get there and back on the bus on Friday 13th but nevertheless I got there. I discovered a warm set of caring people who showed me around the centre and everything it has to offer. These were electromagnetic therapy which looks like a mini MRI machine, reflexology, physiotherapy, support groups, acupuncture and more. I am interested in several of these it was hard not to get overexcited. The hyperbaric oxygen tank was interesting, it is oxygen pumped through a mask, whilst you sit inside the pressurised tank.

It pressurises like for divers!
It pressurises like for divers!

Although I love all the alternative stuff, there is no getting away from the benefits of conventional medicine and really feel the best thing is when they work hand in hand.  Amazing for someone who hates taking drugs and hates needles! Whilst en route to the Centre I suddenly started with one of my horrendous headaches, luckily I had some pain relief with me which saw me out for the rest of the day. I had already realised I needed some extra sort of pain relief as the gabapentin was not holding it off anymore. Enter stage left, the SSRIs, duloxatine, used for neuropathic pain but is also an antidepressant. This is to add to the cocktail for me, let’s see how it goes.  I had been trying to avoid antidepressants as 13 years ago I had a mini breakdown – probably an early relapse – I went into work one day and someone asked me a question and I ended up running from the room locking myself in the loo, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably, the doctors gave me fluoxetine which did not suit me at all, my whole character changed and I could not be in any groups of people 2 or more or I would be racing for the door like runaway bride! I changed my lifestyle moved away from the stress and we came to Devon for a slower pace of life. Shortly after we moved down I took up an allotment as gardening helps. One day I arrived at the site, spade in hand and someone said “hello Emma how are you?” I burst into floods of tears, nothing was wrong at all. It was at that moment I decided to come off the fluoxetine, after speaking to my GP and see if that was the problem. I sat in my living room and sobbed on and off for 2 months whilst I weened off it and vowed never to go on them again. And never did until now, this time I will take anything the doctor prescribes me just so long as it prevents that pain. Now I know what the problem is I am being treated correctly.

Today is Mothers Day which has got me thinking that I need to be the best that I can for my 3 little boys and although it is extremely beneficial to use the complimentary therapies alongside, I am all for the conventional drugs today. I never thought I would hear myself say it either. I did read a funny quote on social media the other day regarding a television programme called “The Walking Dead” about a viral outbreak turning humans into zombies, all humans are carrying the virus, the hero is a guy called Rick leading his group of survivors to safe places and it says “Rick and his team discover a cure for the zombie virus but are concerned that it may not have been tested enough” I know that should there ever be a zombie apocalypse and the drugs ran out I would be feeding myself to the zombies rather than have the pain.

positive thought: be proud of yourself

One thought on “An oxygen tank and a new drug

  1. So much to be proud of Emma! You’re such a good example to your family, they are watching you, how’s she going to handle all this! I can’t tell you how happy I was to read your belief in modern medicine with the addition of complimentary alternative options! It’s a perfect blend of care! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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