A medieval manuscript

It started last night about 10pm, skewers going through my brain. It has been coming for a few days I had already rung the consultant to ask for more pain relief, am still waiting to hear what he can do. Then this morning it hit, like a big knife being inserted through my right eyeball. Along with this comes extreme sensitivity to sound, any sound. The boys sounded very noisy like their volume was turned up to the max but they were just playing. Rob picked up on what was happening and calmly asked them to quieten down as mummy has one of her headaches. For this I was grateful as the glass shards through my head seem to lessen when there is little sound but at the same time will hate it if this is going to be how it has to be, I worry the boys will resent me if they always have to be quiet for me.

Light sensitivity is all rolled into this glorious set of events too, I have been wearing sunglasses all week even when it is cloudy. This morning, all I could do was curl up in a ball, make sure the blinds were down as the day gets lighter and hope the pain would pass quickly this time. I also get the skin sensitivity where I don’t like to be touched but this one is not as bad as the others.

I cancelled my trip to Plymouth too, there is no way I can get there feeling like this. This is what I am finding so challenging about this autoimmune disorder, one day you can be up and about functioning kind of normally, the next you just aren’t. I am beginning to feel like a medieval manuscript like I need to be kept safely in a vault and only handled carefully wearing white gloves.

Yesterday,  I booked me and Rob onto a run in Exeter on 22nd March with an hour to spare before registration closed. This way I can squash a last run in before the dreaded injectables! The first person I asked can look after all 3 boys so we can do it together too. Was it all this excitement that perhaps overstimulated the nervous system in some way? Jenny my homeopathic doctor came to visit in the afternoon and we talked about homeopathic options alongside the interferons when they start to maybe help any side effects if there are any. We are definitely sticking with the Ignatia at the moment though as I feel that somehow it is helping on an emotional level. Jenny suggested acupuncture too which can help MS, I  have never considered acupuncture as I hate needles but as I am going to have to get used to needles it is something I am seriously thinking about. I contacted the acupuncturist Jenny recommended and feel that it is a sensible next step. It is also meant to be beneficial for pain.

Tomorrow will be another day, if I am well enough I am going to check out the MS Therapy Centre in Exeter, they have more alternative stuff there which us MSers can access if need be and I want to find out what else can help and support me. It will be another trip on a bus………

Positive thought: I can hear the birdsong outside my window and all is well

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