A bomb scare and a frozen shirt

Another bus trip today to Bere Alston to see my Aunty and Uncle, I feel like I want to be near my family and close friends at the moment and spend as much time with them as possible. It also means I am not rattling about the house feeling sorry for myself. Trying to remain positive and occupied is optimum at the moment. It was lovely to see them, they gave me a lift back to Tavistock and I met the bus straight away to get back to Okehampton.

When I got on the bus back home I found a bag on its’ own and immediately thought it was a bomb! So what did I do, went to pick it up to give it to the driver doh! Suddenly there was a sharp rapping on the window, turns out it was a town councillor from Okehampton who had just left his bag there whilst he hopped off the bus to grab a coffee. I speak to everyone the same whether they are a king or an ordinary person, and even though he was a bit frosty at first I soon broke the ice joking about thinking his bag was some sort of dodgy device. It was very interesting talking to him, I found out all about the new railway ideas for 2024 in Okehampton, I think it will be a good thing for the town and just when my own children will be old enough for work the rail link will be available for them to use. The new station will be out Sourton direction rather than the Exeter side of Oke as I had understood it was going to be. He also told me about the current Sunday Rover train service starting at the end of May to beginning of September which is on the train, I think the boys will love it, we can get to Teignmouth, Exmouth etc for next to nothing.

All the talking in a hot stuffy bus led to me having an overheating issue, I started to feel extremely sick. As soon as I got home I made myself as cool as possible, by sipping cold drinks and found a Guided meditation on Utube of the sea, there are loads, it was very relaxing and gave me a chance to calm down and cool down in time for Running Club. Three hours of rest was enough and I made it to running club for the first time in ages. I haven’t had a chance to buy a cool suit so put an old shirt in the freezer just in case. I got there and made it 3.5 miles, my vision was on and off but generally alright, the funniest thing was the warm up skipping, today I could skip on my right side but not my left, weird! I am so pleased I went and it is encouraging me to try to keep as fit as possible. I didn’t need the frozen shirt in the end as I had cooled down enough by the time I got home but it is a great idea Rob had, I will certainly freeze another shirt as the weather gets hotter!

Regarding the amusing skipping thing, apparently, after talking to my chiropractor friend about the problem with having weakness down one side, an idea is to get a hairbrush and brush the skin on the weak side or stroke a feather down it which stimulates the nerves. Also whilst on the bus I was reading the newspaper which had an article about memory improvement along the same lines, swap hands for everyday things I.e knife and fork, if you usually open something with your right hand, use your left, brush your teeth with the opposite hand. I think this may be worth a try too.

As I walked home, my mind started playing tricks about the impending injections, I am concerned that as they are into my thigh muscle they might effect my running. So I have tried to organise it so that I will inject on a Tuesday night after running to give the muscle maximum time to recover and if I feel lousy it will be overnight and I will be asleep. No idea if this will work out, it rarely works out how you imagine but positive vibes, positive vibes…..

Positive thought: remember everyone has a story if you take the time to find out about it and be kind, you never know what they may be going through

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