Running up hill

Having usually been such an active person I am finding it very difficult to adjust to this new way of life. I have been gently keeping up with my running with the aim of rejoining the running club at the beginning of April. My favourite thing with running was hills, I would run up any hill no matter how high and steep and enjoy the challenge and exhilaration when I got to the top. It is especially brilliant living in Okehampton as we are surrounded by hills and Dartmoor. At the moment I am better on the flat. The club do 3 trial sessions before membership starts. My first session is tomorrow. I desperately don’t want to go back and it not to work out. Positive vibes, positive vibes! Since my “running injuries” 2 years ago I have been back to club twice. The first time ended in another injury after one session, the second time I did two sessions before I had to stop again, undiagnosed MS I suspect was the most likely culprit, so this will be third time lucky.  Being aware that in 3 weeks time the Avonex interferon should be here alongside the start of my 6 free sessions at the gym and Easter holidays. It will all happen at once. Oh well I guess it gets it all out of the way in one fail swoop. I have also been looking for another 5km run to do to keep aiming for, in March or April after Easter holidays is probably best. But I just cannot find one that is close enough or not 10km or over in distance. Something will come up. Also the headaches are returning, so I rang the consultant today to see if there is any more pain relief he can give me or up the gabapentin, I hope he doesn’t take too long to decide or running will stop before it begins again.

The Swank eating is going along nicely, week 2 and no red meat yet. Today I had granola for breakfast, haddock with mixed leaf salad for lunch, a handful of cashews for afternoon snack and chicken stir fry with mange tout, baby sweetcorn, onions, peppers and wholewheat pasta. Dessert was raspberry sorbet. I have stopped the MSM supplement for the time being, Swank suggests to take cod liver oil so have commenced this still with vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin b complex. Also the homeopathic Ignatia, seems to really help, I can’t put my finger on how but know I miss it if I don’t take it. Not psychological either as the previous remedy called Nat Mur didn’t have the same effect.

Tai Chi earlier was as relaxing as ever, the balance seemed a lot better, it was the memory that proved to be a challenge. It is fine following the teacher whilst he performs the movements, but when he stops and says “your turn now” I found myself standing there and looking at him blankly, apologising profusely with the words “nope, it’s gone, not got a clue” He laughed when I blamed it on being blonde. I definitely favour the Qigong exercises, there was a gorgeous one we did today which represented the petals of the lotus flower bursting open with the rising sun. I have got my book which I must read which goes into more detail and will probably explain why Qigong is beneficial for MS “Qigong for Multiple Sclerosis” by Nigel Mills.

Positive thought: no matter how high the hill you climb is, the view from the top will be worth it

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