Mummies are flowers

Rob and the boys bought me flowers today. It was a lovely end to an exhausting week. They have a song which they sing to me called “Mummies are flowers.” This makes me all glowy inside when they sing it. I try to do a present for Rob most days, today it is a can of Guinness, sometimes it is a text message, other times it is a motorbike magazine or something else he may like. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost any money. I love presents and surprises, it is the child in me which never seems to want to grow up. Besides which it is just a nice thing to do.

Breakfast however was a disaster I broke an egg, burnt the frying pan and the toast, messed up the timings so Rob had finished his before I even started mine because I had turned on the oven not the grill for the cooked tomato. Oh we’ll never mind! The brain fog is in full force today, I can’t think or remember what I am doing and I also notice an issue with sequencing events. Rob went out this afternoon for “me time ” and had to leave a written list of where he would be as he knew I would forget. This is so hard for me to accept as I always had such a good memory. I find I get to about 12noon and have to rest both mentally and physically. Not sure why I guess the nervous system is on permanent overload and needs time to recuperate! If I don’t rest enough I get all moody and my feet and hands go numb!

I want to go back to running club next week, running on my own seems a bit lonely, I need people. Running is at 630pm, at the moment I am not sure how to manage this to fit it in amongst the periods of fatigue. Maybe it is best to do nothing at all in the afternoon to allow the nervous system to reset. I am completely rubbish at pacing myself, it is apparently best to do a bit of activity, rest, activity, rest, activity, rest etc. With 3 small boys this can be tricky. Tomorrow will be better.

Positive thought: treat others how you would like to be treated


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