Home to Slay the Dragon

View from the garden

The welcome home was fantabulous from my boys. I said my goodbyes to my friends (nearly cried but managed not to by a miracle) then it was off for a pizza reward for being accepted onto the Plymouth Argyle Football club. I thought it was funny, seeing as we had a run the next day to order a Blazin’ Inferno hot spicy pizza, which we did. The evening then sped past as we got home, gave out presents and had a fashion parade of all the clothes I had bought. Preparations were made for the following day, route determined, outfits organised and cameras made ready.

I had contacted the MS Society to explain about the success of the  Stover 5km race due to the presence of the Orange vests which a friend had leant us for that particular race and they sent me a packet full for the whole family so we all match and all stand out.  The satnav got us there with no problems and the sun was shining, I was so pleased this was something the children could join in with.  We saw Rob off first for the 10km, then it was the 4km, then us – the 2km Baby Dragon racers! The boys had been told to stay with me but once the gun went off, there was no way they were going to stay with me and Eli, they have got my competitive nature.  I saw 2 orange vests disappearing off into the crowd of runners sending up a silent prayer “please let them be safe and not get lost.” My fears were soon alleviated once I worked out that the event was well marshalled. Eli ran nearly the whole way, he is such a determined little thing, even when he got tired he didn’t give up and before I knew it we were in the finishers funnel with Tom and Sam cheering us in waving their medals.

Ready to run!

As luck would have it, there was a play area nearby so I took my cup of tea and customary slice of cake to sit and think about the day while the boys played and we waited for Rob to come in. The energy at a race is always positive and almost infectious. It was glorious sunshine in Somerset today so it wasn’t hard to be anything but in a good mood. I watched the first men crossing the line and checking how fast they were on their Garmins and whether they had beaten their fastest time. I had never been a super fast runner but was always interested in if I was getting quicker or not. The one thing I have noticed lately is that my mile times are staying pretty much the same at about 12 – 13 minutes per mile bearing in mind that before MS it was around 9 minutes (6 minutes 22 seconds in 2012). However staying with the positive vibe, it must be possible for some people with MS to run quickly. I have already talked in this blog about Kayla Montgomery the American athlete who has MS and collapses over the line, her coach has to catch her, carry her and pack ice around her until her nerves cool down again. My own MS Nurse thinks this overheating issue is why my vision goes when I run. So maybe I just need some ice and a coach to catch me so I can go faster! I am going to try to go back to running club this month and see if that helps. I want to try to keep as strong as possible. If Kayla can do it, so can I!

As the runners came in, I began to think how I would deal with it when the time comes when I won’t be able to participate in the run anymore, when I will be standing on the sidelines perhaps with two sticks or in a wheelchair. My own mum ended up agoraphobic and couldn’t leave the house to support me in things I did as a child and I do not want this to be the case for my boys. These thoughts were getting decidedly too negative so I clicked into my mindfulness techniques and I soon lifted myself out of a place I didn’t want to be.

Rob came over the line to big cheers from us and then Sam made us very proud parents when we discovered he had won his category in the 2km he got a trophy in the shape of a running shoe. Good job he had completely ignored our advice to wait for mummy and Eli. So Rob took us for chips to celebrate (again! I am going to have to stop setting this precedent!) A great day was had by all.

Back to the mundaneness but necessity this week with MS Nurse who hopefully won’t talk me into the Disease Modifiers, counselling and speech therapist, my amazing army I now have around me. Also I must look at my diet, the Swank option seems the best so tonight I am ramming as much chocolate and fat down my face as possible then doing a Tesco order for everything low fat! Perhaps I should order a load of ice too!

Positive thought: be proud of yourself

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