La Fin


As everything starts, so it must end and the end of a great holiday has arrived. We have laughed together until we cried together, bantered together and took the mickey out of each other as only such long standing friends can do. I am so grateful to have had this time. I have met an incredible set of people at Camber Sands who I won’t forget.  I don’t think I have ever visited so many charity shops or bought so many clothes, the best bargain is a pair of jeans for £1.20! That was from Hastings so it was worth the bus journey from hell. Who knows what the next chapter of life will hold? It starts with the Slay the Dragon run on Sunday with my boys, which reminds me, I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE MY BOYS TOMORROW! I can’t wait to see their faces when they see the presents I have bought them and have the big squidgy hugs.

As this blog was started as a kind of sounding board for looking into my journey with MS, then I can safely say laughter so far is the best medicine. I don’t think I have laughed so much for ages. I am beginning to reach the point of acceptance and that is the last step in the seven stages of grieving (the process we are said to go through when we experience loss/onset of illness, disability etc) and alongside acceptance comes hope. Have the pins and needles gone or the vision problem or anything else magically disappeared? Sadly no, but it sure ain’t got any worse! Surely something to be hopeful about.

Positive thought: hope

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