Laugh, laugh, laugh



A run on the beach started my Tuesday at Camber Sands, glorious as ever, feeling totally blessed to be in such a place. I got back to fried eggs on toast for breakfast and the laughter immediately started with the banter from Jon that I had not stacked the place mats neatly enough on tidying up the breakfast table, so I joked and threatened a spirit level to make sure they were in line enough. Then I had not put my chair back under the table tidily or mopped the water off the bathroom floor well. I could not stop laughing! The familiarity of old friends together, we know we won’t offend each other and we play like children with the mickey taking.

We then set off for the Charity Shops in Rye, we only went into one shop but managed to make friends with the ladies in there who happened to be reducing many items to 50p and then kept passing said 50p items to us in the changing room with “get your friend to try this one, this’ll look good on her.” This in itself I found hilarious, we came out with bagfuls. I know not yet if we will wear it all but at 50p “you can’t go wrong!” This event although fun, tired me and Jon could tell and offered to carry all the bags for which I was grateful.

After a rest at lunchtime, Vicky went to pick up Aunty Sheila and I was delighted to be included in a walk to the local bird nature reserve where we saw many Terns (some of which were called Sandwich Terns) which made me smile. En route I also got to see a war time “Pillbox” which was a fascinating structure and it still stands there where the soldiers kept watch in case the enemy approached our shores, for me it is a symbol of strength and protection. Then my body told me in no uncertain terms that it was time to rest, so rest I did and fell asleep for 3 hours!!!!

Today has been much the same, we walked Blue on the beach, went around some charity shops in Hythe and then showed our clothes to Jean and Sheila. Vicky, Sheila and I then went back onto the beach to collect some shells for my boys, I have so far found 2 scallop shells and just need one more or there will be a humongous fight if 2 of my boys get a shell and one doesn’t. We didn’t find it so I will have to try again tomorrow. It was Blue that was the cause of hilarity this time, the sound of his slow pace on the sand is rhythmic and mesmerising and then suddenly without warning he goes galloping off at 40miles an hour with his tail going around like a helicopter and then you notice that all the fuss is about an old carrier bag! Extremely funny couple of days.

Positive thought: live, love, laugh

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