Happy Birthday!


It is birthday day today, I was so happy to be with my chums on their special day, I made them a cup of tea to wake up to and sat with them whilst they opened their cards and presents. My card was missing and John played a trick and had hidden it in the freezer as if Vicky had put it there in a moment of forgetfulness.  We all fell about laughing when I found it on prompting from Jon!

Then I was privileged to be asked to walk Blue whilst Vicky got organised. It was a wind swept sunshine walk along the beach with my new friend, I was too scared to let him off the lead in case he started running and I couldn’t catch him. He enjoyed walking along the sand as he had spent years in his early life racing on sand. He didn’t like the shingle but picked his way across it as it was necessary to do that to get to the sandy part which was softer underfoot for him. Maybe this is like life, we know we have to cross the parts we don’t like to more enjoy the bits we do. The wind was blowing the sand in droves so that it was necessary to change direction in order to avoid being scolded by the sand. Blue had plenty of sniffs before we turned for home. We soon got back to enjoy the rest of the day.

After the walk we all jumped into the car and made our way to Tenterden to mooch around the charity shops to grab some bargains. There was so much choice we became like kids in a sweet shop. The clothes we bought would have cost hundreds of pounds new, we got them for next to nothing.  All of us secured ourselves a new wardrobe each. Fabulous darling! My best bargain was a pair of trousers £4, Vicky found a pair of boots for £7 and Jon got a Calvin Kline jumper for £12 hardly worn.

Much fun was had by all. The rest of the day we ate cake, had supper together and planned the next shopping trip for tomorrow!

Positive thought: Sometimes life may be stony underfoot but the sand is close by and a pleasure to reach after the rockiness preceding it.

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