An accepted stranger & a strange gong


Today I awoke to glorious sunshine so got my running shoes on to put another 2 miles into my legs to prepare for Slay The Dragon run next weekend.  I had to keep stopping to take photos as the shapes and the shells on this particular stretch are unfamiliar to me. Rob is a trained photographer and I have no idea when it comes to photos so I take about 200 pictures to get 1 good one, but I remember him saying something about “leading lines” so had a stab at some stuff on the beach which caught my eye.

After my run I came back to a lovely breakfast of bacon and eggs, then Blue wanted his morning walk so we set out again for a leg stretch for the greyhound. I firmly believe having spent some time with this creature that everyone should own one. They are most peaceful animals and one cannot help but feel calm around them.  It seems a juxtaposition that they generally start their life as racing dogs but in their dotage are slow and unbothered about the fastness of life.  We should all take a leaf out of a greyhounds’ book.

In the afternoon we went up the beach to visit Vickys’ family. I was extremely apprehensive as had not seen any of them since the wedding when I was their bridesmaid 24 years ago at which point they had all drunk several glasses of wine so probably wouldn’t remember me. But my apprehension was soon alleviated as they were all so friendly it was like I was an accepted stranger. There was Aunty Jean and Aunty Sheila, Cousin Mark, his wife Julie, their daughter Jess and Julie’s mum Bobby. We were soon all chatting away as if we had known each other for years. In fact it was one of the warmest welcomes I think I have ever received by a group of people. The funniest part was when Vicky was making whipped cream for the pavlova with Sheila who said at one point “that’s enough whisking now”  Vicky disagreed and continued whisking and the cream flew out of the bowl and all down Sheilas’ jumper! Nobody would let Vicky anywhere near any cream, custard or dessert from that moment on! It was lovely to see the banter between the family.

Mark knows about my current health concerns and decided to try some sound therapy on me. Vicky had a go too. This involved a large flower pot type metal canister which he called a gong even though it wasn’t a gong, this he had found in an auction. We had to run a mallet around the top rather like when one runs their finger around a wine glass to make it sing, this “gong” also made sound. It emitted sound for a certain time then when it was time to stop you had to put both hands either side of it and this stopped it. Not sure what it did but I felt like I wanted to sleep afterwards. They are an interesting couple, they are former dancers and have danced all around the world together, they now manage 8 properties along Camber Sands. Mark collects large driftwood pieces from the beach and makes bespoke furniture/art from it which can be seen throughout the houses and their gardens. I am not sure which is my favourite at the moment as it is all great.  I do like a table in their house made out of a large beach groin which holds itself together by its own weight, no nails.

Positive thought for the day: see the good qualities in the people around you

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