Camber Sands and a greyhound named Blue

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So here I am at Camber Sands in East Sussex, I have never been before, it is glorious.  We passed Stonehenge on the way, it is still standing after 4615 years, I am a mere speck on its landscape of time. As I got further and further from home I almost felt normal again, like this isn’t happening. I was going to use this week to decide on DMDs but had a long conversation with Rob before I left and am pretty sure I don’t want to risk the side effects at the current time against the quality of life I have. But having said this I am going to take the next 6 months to think about it, have a break from all of this over the summer whilst the sunshines to buy some more time before I commit to the needles. We arrived here passing the giant slowly turning wind turbines, easing us in to the restful place at which I now find myself.  Ebb Tide on Camber Sands immediately relaxing from the moment I walked in, decorated subtly using driftwood from the beach, hand crafted by Vickys cousin Mark who owns the property. It has everything which ticks all the boxes,  underfloor heating, a wood burner , comfy seats and a view of the sea. My bedroom has a porthole window which I showed my boys before I left and they thought it was great that mummy would be staying in a house that’s like a boat.

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We unpacked and had a cup of tea then went to walk Blue on the beach.   The sand stretches for miles in both directions so ample for a little jog while I am here.  We visited Julie, Marks wife who lives in an amazing property right on the beach which is used in film locations and for photo shoots and is right next to a “Grand Designs” house, spectacular. Julie will be cooking a meal for us all tomorrow for the start of the birthday celebrations. Mark had gone to fetch Vickys aunties Jean and Sheila who will join us too.

The best part of the day was getting a text from Rob to say that both Tom and Sam had been accepted for football club with Plymouth Argyle so I gave them a ring to congratulate and promise a celebratory trip to Pizza Hut on my return. Tom and Sam went to some football trials  a couple of weeks back. I was worrying what to do if one got accepted and one didn’t.  Also how to deal with the tears and frustration of the brother who didn’t get chosen this time.  Thank goodness that won’t be the case. So proud of my boys!

We spent the evening chatting over a glass of wine, eating chef prepared toad in the hole and talks of the last 30 years of friendship.  Just for today, I have forgotten all about MS.

Positive thought: Just for today, do not anger. Just for today, do not worry.

Useful sharing tip from Jon: Utube – No Arms, No legs, No Worries by Nick Vujicic for motivation

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