Books and newspapers – Slay the Dragon – Mum


It has been another busy week a bit of a come down after last weekend.  It seems to have all been about books and newspapers.  We had our picture in the local newspaper.

Famous at last! This spurred us on to decide on the next run. I am keen to do another before the betainterferon meeting on 4 March. So we are going to go to Somerset to the Slay The Dragon run 10km is too far for me at the moment so Rob will run that one and I will do the 2km with my children if they want to. It is called the Baby Dragon run and it is on 1st March. I emailed the MS Society to see how to get hold of some running vests for them and they have sent us one each!

The rest of the week I have been continuing with my journey to try to help myself as much as possible with this condition, my thoughts turn again to my mum.  She also had MS, was diagnosed finally after being called a hyperchondriac in 1985 and died 6months later of a heart attack.  I always think she died of a broken heart. I have found out recently that MS is NOT hereditary but it is a “familial” which means it can crop up from time to time in a child with a mother with it. Only 1/48 chance. It is less likely from a mother to a son as this is now a concern to me for my own boys. After asking, I am told there is no test they can do on my children at the moment to tell if they have this or not.

Mum and dad got divorced when I was 8 years old, she had convinced herself he could do better as she was always complaining over seemingly nothing, he went as he thought it was what she wanted and he wasn’t strong enough to hold on.  He left his wife alone who then found out she couldn’t cope with her only daughter, me, and she took to her bed with the vodka and I was left to fend for myself.  I would go to dads at weekends and one day I didn’t want to go back home to mums.  I was always very aware that if I complained too much I might be taken away from mum so never said anything was wrong.  I was only a child.  Dad dropped me off and all evening worried as it wasn’t like me to not want to go back.  It was in the days before mobile phones and he had no telephone either but thankfully he decided to take a drive out to mums and see if I was alright.  He found me stood at the kitchen sink crying, trying to keep on top of the washing and the dishes and chores.  My mum was passed out, drunk, in her bed and had lost control of her bowels and bladder. She was taken into hospital and never came out probably where my fear of hospitals/needles comes from. I went to live with dad.

So I have been looking back this week and realising I have so many more options than my mum had. Nobody believed her so she hit the bottle. Now I am believed we have the evidence and I have a team around me who are there to help. But I can still help myself. In what ways? Diet is my first port of call, apparently the Swank Diet is good for MS.  This is a low-fat, diet from what I can work out and it is best not to eat red meat or chocolate it is called “The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book” by Roy Swank & Barbara Dugan.

Secondly, exercise, running, Tai Chi, swimming and cycling are all beneficial to this condition.  In the Tai Chi Class I attend we also do a set of exercises called Qi Gong. Again there is a book called “Qigong for multiple sclerosis” by Nigel Mills.

Other books recommended to me this week have been “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle and  “The Fast Diet” by Michel Mosley and “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” by Prof George Jelinek.

I have also been looking at other people’s blogs and it is truly amazing what people are doing to help themselves one person here in Devon is looking at the importance of the water we drink

Phew lots of reading for me! There is so much information out there now and everyone who has this seems to be so differently affected but which of it is relevant to me?

My journey into self help for this illness continues.

Positive thought: Cherish everything you have while you have it, you never know when it may slip away

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