The day before the run

Am feeling very nervous about the run tomorrow, the Stover 5km.  I haven’t managed to get out for a run since last Friday as it has been so cold and one or other of my children have been at home not feeling great.  I am also excited that I am doing this and that so many friends and runners are coming along to support me.  I am not raising money through sponsorship but have worked out that just in entrance fees alone we have so far collectively made over £150 for Global’s Make Some Noise along with people putting whatever they can into the MS Society collection boxes who have been so much help to me already.

Today I am trying to rest, hydrating and making sure I am filled up to the brim on vitamins!  Here’s the concoction I take:

vitamin d3 25ug helps the immune system and was the only vitamin recommended by my MS Nurse

Vitamin c 1000mg 3 x a day

Vitamin B12 2000ug once a day

Magnesium 500mg once a day for the nervous system

MSM 1000mg twice a day for pain

Ignatia homeopathy remedy – I can’t put my finger on it but this remedy seems to be helping.

I spoke to the MS Group in Okehampton yesterday and they sound very supportive a lovely lady called Hilda gave me some tips.  They meet on the second Tuesday of every week and go for lunch.  I will probably join them at some point in the future.  I have been trying to fight against the symptoms when they start but she says that for her as soon as for example a headache starts she knows it is her cue to rest for the whole day.  I find it so useful speaking to people further down the road than me on this.

Anyway I hope I make it tomorrow and that it won’t be my last run!

Positive thought: at the start of the day “choose your attitude” towards it

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